the result of my "try to design a yoyo" thread


Anyone remember about this thread?,14852.0.html

There I try to design a yoyo with my limited knowledge.

And it didn’t work out well.

But I don’t want to give up. I try to learn more about designing a yoyo. Weight placement, dimension, etc.
And after one and a half year, with help from my very good friend at RevYolution, this is what come in to being.

That is the Angkasa, my design that produced by my good friend from RevYolution, Andy.

Some specs
Diameter 57 mm
Width 47 mm
Gap 4,7 mm
Weight 69gr

Like I said before, I’m not up to making a yoyo comparable to any high end yoyo, just want to make stuff.
But this yoyo I quite good enough, had little pulse when spinning, but I’m up to fixing it.

More info can be seen here;

There you can also find more info about RevYolution. I’m really excited about the Kahiji V.2 and the K-2.


EDIT… ; Sorry everyone, the weight accually 69 grams. Wonder why I miss type it to 49… Dang…


It looks nice alittle big for me and way too light. I haven’t played it so I can’t make major judgements but on paper 49 g doesn’t work.


THAT is just 49 grams???

(YoYo_Freak) #4

that looks sweet… How much are they? 8)


How is that 49 grams is it aluminum?!?!?!


I love the size and shape. I’d really like to try one. That weight just sounds fun. A little speed demon it would be haha.


49 does seem light for a full size… that may be why there is a pulse… but someone shoot me if they ever catch me calling that thing anything but a beauty


Do you sell them or is it one of a kind.,


Eeh… Sorry everyone… It actually 69 grams. I wonder why did I type it 49… Must be the keys are misplaced somehow.


Again, sorry for the miss information, I’m too careless sometimes.

Just too eager to tell everyone about this.

So, what do you think?


Ok that is much more reasonable. I might get one if it was a production run and it wasn’t to expensive.


69 grams and that shape? Seems like a good match to me. Looks like something I’d buy and play.


Thanks people for your response.

Though I still feel stupid because of the miss typing on the weight…

I’m working on making more right now, hopefully I can make small run at first to sell so people can try.

And I hope it won’t be expensive. But its impossible to set a price point for now.

I will make a video about this yoyo soon.

Wish me luck guys.


Maybe you can let me try them, you can send me a pm, it looks really cool. I lived in Malang


I’m in process of regulary circulating this yoyo to some throwers near me to get as many feedback as possible.

Next satuday, I’m going to West Jakarta to further test this yoyo.