3D printed yoyo!

Hey folks, so for the last 5 months or so I have been developing a 3D printed yoyo called the Neko. Thus far, I have been wrestling with the response system to try and fit response pads, a bearing and an axle, so I have yet to actually test out the yoyo. The biggest problem thus far has been fitting response pads into the design, so yeah as of right now I can’t tell you how it plays. But from first glance, does anyone have any feedback regarding the overall shape of the yoyo? Also has anyone else given this a shot?

It’s wide with a small diameter—here are the specs:
Diameter: 52 mm
Width: 46 mm
Weight: 62 grams

image image



That actually looks pretty nice. Does the weight come from those beefy rings?

I’ve tried 3d printing and it’s great for protos. Haven’t really tried to make a design meant for 3d printing as of now.