3D printed yoyo project.

Hey all,
To cut a long story short, I posted a 3D model of a yoyo on some facebook contest in order to win a 3D printer. And what do you know, I won the contest, and now I’m expecting a brand new 3D printer in the mail. Off course I am expected to actually print my model with it, and send some pics to the people who organised the contest, so they can post them on their blog, etc…

First of all let me be absolutely clear that I do not expect a 3D printed yoyo to play very well. In fact I expect it to be bad. But I won the darn thing so sending them some pics of the 3D printed winning entry is the least I can do. And while I’m at it, I should try to make the best out of it I possibly can.

I know a bit about yoyo designing, I co-designed the oxy5 if that is any reference… Just so people know I’m not a total noob…

So basically, I am looking for someone who can machine me the yoyo guts. The body will be printed, the guts will have to be machined out of aluminum for it to have any chance to play halfway decent.
I am looking for a response groove, bearing seat and threaded axle fixture, that I can glue into the printed halves. (similar to a Milk system for instance, but with axle fixture integrated)

I can help with CAD drawings etc if necessary, please send me a PM if you’re interested in helping me out with this little project.

I have some cash, I have some yoyo’s,… I’m sure we’ll work something out.


That’s awesome man! Congrats! Landon Balk might take on the job. Don’t know how busy he is.

Landon Balk’s name is going to be dropped here many times and for good reason.

An idea might be the SPR system in a Duncan Flipside, but that’s really only a bearing adaptor set, not a true SPR. The Flipside uses Duncan SG pads.

If you can print the response recess, then you can use something like YYF bearing spacers or the Flipside inserts. It may not be the best solution as it’s not complete as far as your requirements. I agree that to ensure better play, having this whole area be two identical machined pieces would be your best bet at a more successful printed prototype.

Send me a PM, I have -exactly- what you need… closer than you could even hope for :slight_smile:


he aint lyin. ;D


Are you going to post pics of it on here too?

You may also like to consider the Chico Anything kit. I don’t know for sure but this could be a really easy answer. Turns ‘anything’ into a yoyo by supplying the guts ready machined.

this is EXACTLY what I was looking for. Didn’t know it was readily available on the market. It’s already ordered :slight_smile:
Sorry Kyo, otherwise i’d gone with your solution, but the chiko one was for sale on ebay, so I chose the easy way. Your project looks very promising though!

I’ll post some pics when I’m working on it.

Cheers all and thanks for the help!

You should contact Landon Balk or some other modder about making you metal weight rings for your design.

Ive been curious about 3D printers… Wont it just make it look identical from the outside but the weight distribution and stuff will be different from the original?

well first off all the density of the material used for 3D printing is about 1.24 g/cm³, which is even less than that of delrin, so it will have to be pretty massive to get to a playable weight, OR I can add weight rings, but honestly I’m not sure how much time I want to spend on this…

It’s ABS? If that’s the case I would use weight rings. You could even try printing some… It would help add weight! AND just to clean up the catch zone I would turn it on a drill and sand the surface to make it grind decently.

i don’t see the use of printing weight rings for a printed yoyo ???

Caps might be a good idea too. But without Metal weight rings it seems like it would almost be impossible to make a yoyo of the right weight and playability. Caps might do it. If you want I can try to do a few CADs for you.

I think I also heard that 3d printer plastic is to brittle for a solid yoyo

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Just out of curiosity, what 3D printer did you win? A few friends and I are considering getting a
one for making action figures and whatnot.

Now you can make this.

It’s a new product from a Dutch brand, so i doubt people will know it.

This is the one I won:

But the plan is to build it, do some testing and then outright sell it and buy either an ultimaker or a replicator 2.