Capital's Yoyo, another SE Asia Manufacturer, Based on Indonesia.


Silver with greeeeeen. You’re a man of good taste!


Well, I have a quite interesting stories about the color picks on this run of Angkasa, is that I decided to have two colorway for this run.
One of them has to be gunmetal grey with pink splash, because I think that colorway will really ‘pop’, either sitting or spinning.
I cant really decide on the other colorway though, at first I want blue, because I like blue, but can’t think of anything special, other than that, maybe gold.
And then my wife said; Why not silver with some green splash
I asked; What kind of green?
She said; like tosca green, I never seen a yoyo with that kinda colorway

an than there is it, so I can’t take any credit regarding that colorway, I will definitely tell my wife though.

Glad you like it.

Arif K


the boxes are coming;

The boxes for Capital’s Yoyo will be clear cellophane, and what make it special?

You can use it to display any yoyo, well, up to about 60 mm in diameter and width, so 4A yoyo is not possible.

Why? Wasn’t that not environmental friendly?
Yes, I do realize that plastic is not environmental friendly, but I just don’t like that some yoyo box just being discarded or misplaced after the yoyo is played, I know that most people keep the box that the yoyo come in, but I feel that it’s just waste of space (I have a personal experience with an original G5 box, which I finally lost), why not make something that can be reuse?

What do you think about this matter?


I think it’s a pretty logical idea. I personally have boxes piled up in my closet just sitting there taking up space. Though if they are just clear it will give it less collectibility for people (which many like). Maybe you could add some kind of sticker, picture or something to the back or sides of the box so that they could still display, but yet keep the uniqueness of the containers?


Thank you for the feedback.

I plan to add some kind of sleeve to the outer side of the box, like what I did with the Serum.
But due to my day time job, it may take some time, and I will add some sticker too.

Also, there will be some more exciting news on my next post.
Please look forward to it

Until next time

Arif K


What is this ‘some more exciting news’ that I was talking about?

There will be some limited edition.
Exciting? well, at least I do.

There will be a limited number of raw Angkasa with special engraving.
Why? Because you need at least one raw yoyo in your yoyo life.

More details and pictures to come.

Arif K


I was just wondering where you got those boxes cause I might use those for my yoyos.


I got them from local print shop, I just give them measurement and material requirements.
Not all of them willing to do them though.

Good luck

Arif K


Logo for the Angkasa.
What do you think of it?

Also, promo video coming soon.


Very cool logo. :slight_smile:


Video is up

How do you think? this is the first time I made a video again after 3 years.
Comments and critique are welcome

Arif K


The string was quite difficult to see, perhaps in the future use brighter string or film in a more brightly lit area. Other than that it was very nice :slight_smile:


Thanks, I plan to take more video in the future about the Angkasa, will be putting more attention on the visibility. :smiley:

I will share the design I got for the box sleeve in my next post, please look forward to it.


Box design finalized

Still the same concept with Capital’s Yoyo Serum Box design, A plain box with sleeve.
Took me some time to finalize this, all design are made by me, and got some help to translate hand drawing into Corels, need to learn to do that.
Anyway, what do you think?
Would you get one?

Next time I’ll show you whats in the box.

Arif K


The inclusion of the cross-section of the yoyo on the box is a very nice touch.


Thank you, glad someone like it
I think the cross section would make people assume how the yoyo feel, I also want to show the weight distribution of this particular yoyo, and all the yoyo that Capital’s Yoyo eventually produce.


And here whats come in the box of the Capital’s Yoyo Angkasa

The Angkasa itself, equipped with a flat C size bearing
String, number and color are to be determined.
Two stickers, one is a simple print of the Capital Yoyo logo, the other is a reflective cutting sticker of the Angkasa logo.


I thought I want to share something;

There are two color for the cutting sticker, both are reflective sticker.
Which one would you choose?


The first one.

Serum is a really nice yoyo! No doubt Angkasa is another fine yoyo.


Glad you enjoy our first yoyo, be sure to try The Angkasa.

Arif K