Capital's Yoyo, another SE Asia Manufacturer, Based on Indonesia.


We have our winner.

Remember, the winner is the first one who guessed the secret feature of the Capital’s Angkasa.

Winner will be contacted through DM on Instagram.
Stay tuned to learn more.

Arif K


The winner for the quiz is instagram user @not_riceroni, forum member raiyoken.

Congratulations for the winner
One limited edition Capital’s Yoyo Angkasa is coming your way.

Raiyoken has requested the Limited Angkasa Number 4, there is still some left.
Contact me through my facebook or instagram (link in sig) if you interested in one, or if you want the regular edition, anodized and blasted Angkasa.

One more thing, do you want to know what is the secret feature of the Capital’s Angkasa?

Will be reveled soon
Atay tuned

Arif K


I’m super stoked to be able to try out the Ankgasa! I remember seeing this thread start up around the time I started throwing so it’s really cool to see how far you’ve come.

I’ve been entrusted with the big reveal and I bet you’re all wondering what the secret feature is. Well, the big secret is… it can use FHZ caps!


Sorry for lack of updates, I’ve been away from home for last few days.
Congrats Raiyoken, I hope you like the Angkasa.
Be sure to try the secret feature when the Angkasa comes to you.

As the winner said, this yoyo is designed to fit the FHZ caps.
The inspiration for this yoyo is the 2009 YYF Severe, I think it look cool.
And more over, I’m just a sucker for metal yoyo with plastic caps.

Will post pictures later today.

Arif K


Here are some photos of the Angkasa with FHZ caps

Changed the feel quite a bit without really introducing Vibe, if you have an Angkasa and FHZ, you should try it out.
When I want to throw something quite heavy, I slap an O-ring also.

Sorry if the Angkasa in the picture is quite ugly, it’s my test yoyo, been practicing finger grind on it a lot.

If you want The Capital’s Angkasa Yoyo, feel free to contact me.


Arif k


A sneak peek of what Raiyoken is getting.
Please hang on tight, shipping from Indonesia to US is quite long.


just find an old video of the prototype Angkasa being machined.
Thought I would share.

If you want the Angkasa or have anything to ask, just shoot me a PM.

Arif K


Another video using the Angkasa, thanks to satint petersburg yoyo school, you can like and subscribe here;

If anyone has any question about Capital’s Yoyo, feel free to contact me.
Arif K


my next planed prototype.
I really in need for some more funds to continue prototyping this yoyo.
Please PM me if you interested in the Capital’s Angkasa Yoyo

Thanks all


a little bit to share

Contact me if you curious about the yoyo.

Arif K


I was late to share this video, my son was hospitalized earlier this week.

Anyway, thanks again to Saint Petersburg Yo-Yo School, I really owe you guys a lot.

If anyone interested on picking up the Angkasa, please contact me via PM or on my facebook page, get a discount on multiple purchase.

Thanks all
Arif K


The review of the Capital’s Angkasa has been published on Cyyclical

Please do check it out.

Thank you

Arif K


I’ll just going to leave this render here


Whoa nice! Speed type?


yep, designed for fast player.
you can check more details at my instagram page. thanks.


while the prototype for the next yoyo is on its way, I want to share something.

A bi-metal concept for next Capital’s Yoyo model.
How do you think?
If you want to see this become reality, please support us.
The Angkasa is still available for 65 USD, please contact me if you interested in one.

Thank you
Arif K


Prototype are done

Here some pics and comparison shot

and comparison shot of our previous yoyos, the one on the left are Capital’s Serum, middle is the Capital’s Angkasa, and finally the one on the right is the newest prototype the Capital’s Antidote.

Specs are as follows

Diameter; 55.5 mm
Total Width; 44 mm
Effective Width; 42 mm
Gap width: 4.5 mm
Weight; 65.2 grams
Bearing; Size C bearing
Response System; 19 mm response pad groove
Axle: M4 x 8 mm axle
Material; 6061 Aluminum

Curious about the cross section? check out @capitalsyoyo on istagram.

There are 3 prototype made, and 2 are for sale, please contact me for more info.


Arif K


Will have a small preproduction of the antidote, stay tune for more info.

(rizkiyoist) #179

Waaaat bimetal :v


concept only, though I would really love to make a bimetal yoyo.
they are ready.
find us on facebook if you want more info about the yoyo.