Capital's Yoyo, another SE Asia Manufacturer, Based on Indonesia.


There are some black Antidotes available, find us on facebook if you want one


We have a team member now.

The official team of Capital’s Yoyo will be dubbed “Senate of the Capital”
Introducing, the first member of the senate;

He is an Indonesian national champion, a very prominent thrower for free hand division with more title, including national champion that I could ever remember.
But luckily, he has us covered.
The list of ranks are as follows;

  • 12th prodigy Jakarta 1A division
  • 4th KYI 2011 5A division
  • 1st 3logy yoyo contest 2012 X division
  • 1st INYC 2012 5A division
  • 1st INYC 2013 5A division
  • 3rd Toys city contest 2013 Y Division
  • 1st Bali International Yoyo contest 2013 5a division
  • 11th Asia Pacific Yoyo Championship 2013 5a division
  • 1st Semarang Open Yoyo Contest 2014 X Division
  • 5th Semarang Open Yoyo Contest 2014 1A Division
  • 1st Prodigy Hai Day yoyo Contest 2014 X Division
  • 2nd 3Logy Yoyo Contest 2014 X Division
  • 2nd INYC 2015 5A Division
  • 1st INYC 2016 5A Division

you can check Morison Facebook page @morison
or checkout his Instagram @morisonbara

Please wish us luck.

That is all, there will be more exciting news, mainly because we have more prototype on the way.
If you interested on any of Capital’s current product please find us on Facebook @capitalsyoyo

or find us at Instagram @capitalsyoyo

Mayor of the Capital

Arif K


A new video


(rizkiyoist) #184

woooo yea


eye candy

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Few more prototype from Capital’s Yoyo

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We have a new product out
It’s an undersized yoyo with a bit of extra width
I present to you, the Authentic
Here are the basic specs
Diameter; 52 mm
Width; 46 mm
Effective width; 45 mm
Gap Width; 4,3 mm
Weight; 67 grams
Bearing; size C bearing
Axle; M4x10 mm axle
Response system; 19 mm pad

Here are some pictures of the yoyo.


we have a new prototype on the work, visit our instagramto learn more.
Also, check out our site at



prepping some more Amelia.


2018 version of the Amelia is getting ready.


visit for more info


The packaging for our yoyo
Some say that it’s not very space efficient, but we think the yoyo deserve it.

(rizkiyoist) #195

I think it looks awesome. It seems straightforward but honestly never seen a yoyo box like that.


Our first collaboration project is finally finished, and the end result is really awesome.

Introducing, the Lanthanum, the end result of our collaboration project with Indonesian yoyo store/reseller Doctortoys (@drtys)

Diameter: 57mm
Width : 45mm
Effective Width : 43mm
Gap Width : 4.4mm
Weight : 65.9 gr
Material : 6061 Alimunioum
Bearing : Size C
Response : 19mm

Be curious to find out more



We really need to make more Antariksa

unfortunately, what I’m able to share today is only a render.
Please support us if you want to see more from Capital’s YoYo.