Cal States 2013 roll call!

I know it’s a little more than a month away, but who’s planning on going to Cal States this year?

Also, what are your opinions on the new new way that 1a prelims are being done?

Hope to see you all in Sacramento in March!

I am very sure that I’ll be going. My grandparents live in Sacramento. I’m planning on flying out and having them take me. I’ll be competing and I’m thinking I’ll do well (at least top 20).

I also need to start meeting some of these yoyo people in real life :slight_smile:

I will be there.

I want to be there, but you can’t always get what you want in life.

:frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

I should be there indefinitely! Wait, whats different about the 1A prelims? This will be the first contest im going to!

I’m pretty excited to go. Although I’m not competing, it would definitely be fun watching and meeting other yoyo players. As for the new way of doing the prelims, I read that they will be doing the prelims behind the scenes while other things are going on at the stage itself because there are apparently too many 1a people and it would take too much time.

I am 80% sure I will attend.

Already booked my hotel :smiley:

I was supposed to, but by a sad turn of events, unless I can get a ride from SF to the contest sight. It will be a no show for me…

I’ll shoot you a message on Facebook. Might be able to give you a ride ( it’s a maybe though, not certain…)

I might show up but I will not compete.

I will be attending, and so will Sanchez202


I’m running sound for the event, so I’ll be there and easy to find.

Opinion on how prelims are being run? With over 120 prelims last year, it turned into a grind of a marathon and makes the day just push like it lemmings being chased by bulldozers to the edge of cliffs. It’s hard on those running the event. With prelims being handled elsewhere, it does make the prelims area a challenge and a grind, but now the event itself won’t have to suffer. We can get right to things and provide a more audience and event friendly experience .

I’m looking forward to it.

I will be there.

So for the prelims, will it be in a private area that no one can watch? (Besides the judges)

Still kind of confused on how it’s going to work.

Going! And I like the prelims thing, I heard last year it was insane the amount of people to go on the stage. And I love yo-yoing, but 140ish prelims does not sound like a fun thing to watch.

Air fare is looking like a deal breaker for me…

Is the Cal States competition free to get into or do you have to buy a ticket? and it is held at Cal State Sacramento correct?? I Started yo-yoing a few months ago and I would really like to go to a contest to meet some people who are interested in yo-yoing as well.

It’s free! It is held at the Sacramento Downtown Plaza, registration and/or hanging out begins at 9 a.m. Here is the link to the official site:

Stop by and say Hi to us at the YoYoStringLab table. We’ll have free string samples!