Cal States 2010 - Important Format Update

Suddenly there is a lot of interest in the California State Yo-Yo Contest!
With $1000 at stake (from Pocket Pros), I have been told that YoYoers will be streaming in from around the World.

I have stated all along that YoYoers from anywhere are allowed to compete for the top prize, and the top California Resident would get the seed to Regionals.  That is not changing.

The changes will, however, affect the format of Championship Divisions. Due to the increased number of contestants, and the limited number of time, we will be implementing a preliminary round in both Championship Divisions. Competitors will need to prepare a one minute technical only preliminary freestyle. The top 14 competitors from the preliminary rounds in each division will qualify to compete in the two minute freestyle division finals.  In addition to the top 14 in each division, the 2008/9 division winners will automatically qualify to compete in the divisional Finals.  15 players per division will compete for that divisions  $1000 first place prize (from Pocket Pros).

The New Schedule is as follows:
Event Schedule:
Registration 10-12
10:30 | Ladder Division Competition Starts (May occur off stage)
11:00 – 12:00 | 1a Prelims
12:00 – 1:00 | Lunch
1:00 – 2:00 | 1a Division Prelims cont.
2:00 – 4:00 | Open Division Prelims
5:00- 6:00 | 1a Division Finals / Open Division Finals
6:00 | Awards and Closing
Prize Drawings will occur all day.  Must be present to win
Drawing ticket costs are $1 per ticket
Also, it is Forcast to RAIN in Saturday. The Westfield Downtown Plaza is an OPEN AIR mall which means that we may get rained on. Part of the contest floor will have some cover, but not all of it. Please bring weather protection. It has not rained on March 6th in Sacramento for the last few years according to the Farmers Almanac, but thanks to El Niño that might chance this year. Still a change it may just be overcast though.

What’s with 1A division Prelims cont.?

Happy Throwing! =]

1a Prelims Continued"

It’s happy to see that there’s is something at stake here. Though the chances of a Californian winning is low, I’m stoked to see who will be coming from other countries (Mickey!!). I’ll be representing California and the best I hope will be at least 14th place.

NOTE: Because it was asked:

1 minute premises will be Technical only

Also, looks like we have an alternative location in mall in case it rains.

Augie Fash, Paul Han, John Chow, Anthony Rojas, Grant Johnson, and Gentry Stein all are legitimate 1A contenders.

Bryan Figueroa, Joseph Harris, Paul Yath, and Grant Johnson are all legitimate Open division contenders.

I’d be surprised if CA didn’t wind up with at least one of the titles.

Reminder: Don’t forget your music!
Competitors for the Championship Divisions should have a CD with a One minute song on it for Prelims, and a separate CD with a Two minute song on it for Finals. If your songs are longer than 1 or 2 minutes, we will just fade it out. No need to break out an editor application.
Please, for the sake of out Music Volunteers, have only one song PER CD, and Label the CD with your Name, Division, and whether it is a Prelim CD (One Minute) or a Finals CD (2 Minutes).
If you don’t have your music, you will have to use a song from our database of old overused yoyo songs. Mostly remixes of the Mortal Kombat theme.

Is the Registration time 10-12 or 10-11 like the website?

10-11, but we will probably take Open Division registration til lunch. so basically plan for 11, but be pleasantly surprised if Open is still taking Reg til noon.