Ohio States 2014


Who’s going?


I’ll go if I can. It’s June 28th at the Great Northern mall right?
Edit: It says hosted by the Cleveland yoyo club, is it active?

(Steve Brown) #3

The club is kinda dormant (because I just don’t have time to do anything for it) but I’m organizing the contest.


Is the clevland yoyo club active

With Pan Am being canceled, I’ll be there.

(G2 Jake) #5

I’ll be there with 3 or 4 of my team.

Contest was a success last year. Should be another good turn out!


I am really looking forward to Jesse’s freestyle


Hopefully I’ll be able to make it again. It was a lot of fun last year and hopefully I’ll be able to hit my freestlyle this time! haha


Only 8 days before Ohio States!
Any chance Big Chuck and Lil’ John will show up, cuz
I’m thinking about driving up from NC?


Coming ;D.


How many will make it past prelims?

(KeeganOrr) #11

I’ll most definitely be there! Hopefully they decide against prelims cause prelims suck.

(Steve Brown) #12

We don’t have enough people registered to hold prelims. Unless that changes before Saturday…no prelims.

Also, please note how we’re handling freestyle music!

[b]Freestyle Music must be brought with you and ‘ready to play’ via a device with a headphone jack.

Please do not bring a CD!

iPhones, iPods, Smart Phones, and other music playing capable devices with your music loaded and ready to hit ‘play’ are all allowed. Playing device must be ‘made ready’ while you are ‘on-deck’ to compete (your name will be called to finalize this).[/b]


How many more would it take to have prelims?


Uh oh. There is a car load of yoyo people, from FL, in front of my mom’s work (in Chattanooga, TN). I guess they’re headed to OH!


I’m registering today…Steve posted on Facebook yesterday that 22 had registered. So 8 more (including me)

(G2 Jake) #16

I just registered 3 players this afternoon


Cool but… uggh… looks like there’ll be prelims.


I’ll be there - to watch :frowning: Not good enough to compete yet but hoping to learn some new tricks and get involved. Can’t wait to meet you all. Anyone know if their will be merchandise for sale?


YYE will have a booth with Eric Koloski selling merchandise!


What color backdrop?