NER Roll Call!! You could win a free Gambit! (details inside)

(2Sick Joey) #1

Hey guys!

Just wondering who was going to North East Regionals in a few weeks? I’ll be there hanging out and just wanting to see who will be there.

I’m also gonna be doing a fun little contest there for anyone who wants to participate and win a free yoyo.

Step 1:
Come up to me and say hi! If I haven’t met you before then introduce yourself…I love meeting new people.

Step 2:
Study up on your YoYo knowledge! The contest is going to be just random yoyo trivia…It can be anything from contest winners, companies yoyos, yoyo firsts, guess this yoyo and other random stuff. I will give every person 3 chances to get an answer right. If you get an answer correct then you will be entered to be receive a brand new 2sickyoyos Gambit! Don’t worry I wont make it too hard :slight_smile:

Step 3:
Let me know you want to enter this contest when you come up to me.

*****Edit: Didn’t clearly state but the trivia is to get your name on the list and I will randomly draw a name out the hat and the name chosen will win the Gambit!

I look like this and will be wearing the same shirt!

See you guys there!


I hope I can be there!


Ima be there


I’ll be there with my Capricorn :smiley:

I’ll be wearing a white tropic spins shirt. I’m only 4’ 10" so I may be hard to find :wink:


Pff, 4’ 3"


I’ll be there. No idea what I’ll be wearing. I’m the incredibly handsome older dude missing tricks left right and center while farting around.


(i’m definitely not gunna be there) but you could just post one of your videos so they know what you look like.


I should be there, I’ll see if I can dig out a Dave’s Skilltoys shirt so I’ll be easy to spot :wink:


Good idea!


Oh Greg. This is why we love you.


I’m pretty sure I’ll be there.


I plan on attending


I will be in attendance.


I’m going. Maybe I can win a 6061 Gambit to go with my 7075 one.

(DOGS) #15

Coming. Shenanigans will be had.


Whoa! Your freestyle at 2013 MA States was crazy!


1a, 3a, and 4a for me. Boy I haven’t even made a 4A routine yet. Gotta get to work.



(2Sick Joey) #19

Bumping this up!


See you guys there