Arizona State Yo-Yo Contest March 4, 2017 AZ States



AZ State Yo-Yo contest 2017 is Saturday March 4, 2017, on the campus of Arizona State University. At the Memorial Union room 085 “MU Stage”. Tempe, AZ. 301 E. Orange St. Tempe, AZ

See these links for upcoming details:

Directions to the contest:

Visitor parking: available at the Apache Street parking building, or there is some street parking.

More details as we have them.


Why is there no 5A division? I’m thinking about coming but 5A is a big thing for me.


Sorry, no 5A.

Categories include 1A with 1 minute pre-lims, 2-minute finals.

Category X: 2A, 3A, 4A. ( 2-minute routine). If we get 10 or more in a category, we’ll split that off into its own division.

Category: Novice. For any age. Beginners. 30 minute routine.

Our website is woefully behind, but we are working on that.


Hello Yo-Yo Players,

Registration is up and going for AZ State Yo-Yo Contest. :slight_smile:

  1. Championship 1A Division: 2-minute performance.
    If we have over 20 entries we’ll have 1-minute preliminaries.
    If we have 10 or more in this division, the winner is invited to compete at U.S. Nationals. Membership in the National YoYo League is required ($20)

  2. Championship Division X
    This includes 2-A, 3-A and 4-A. Players will have a 2-minute performance.
    If we have 5 or more in a division, they will be separated and judged on their own. The winner of a division with 5 or more players will be invited to compete at U.S. Nationals. Membership in the National YoYo League is required ($20)

  3. Sports/Novice Division 1A
    Players come prepared with a 1-minute routine. No pre-lims. No invitation to compete at U.S. Nationals for the winner. Membership in the National YoYo League is not required.

Cost: Entry fee is $10 per division.
Each entrant will receive a free raffle ticket. We have some AWESOME prizes, thanks to our generous sponsors. Trophies for the winners!

We are non-profit. The entry fees and the proceeds of the raffle help pay for the venue.

Our sponsors to date include: YoYoFactory, One Drop Yo-Yo, Caribou Lodge Yo-Yo Works, YoYoSam, and a few Yo-Yo Moms. THANKS!!

See you at AZ States.


Here is the direct link to the AZ States YoYo Contest.

We hope to have livestream too!


There is still time to register for the contest. Consider entering 2A,3A or 4A.

Wait until you see the nice trophies, courtesty of YYF, and all the swag donated by our sponsors:

Caribou Lodge
One Drop

We LOVE our sponsors! :slight_smile: