Yoyo competitions in Arizona?

Are their any competitions in Arizona? I have been wanting to just go watch one, and I also want to try out some yoyos at the team booths. So, anything?

Arizona states is in november, but that’s the only one.

:frowning: i wish my house would sell in time for az states just gonna have to hope on going to bac

When is that?

Any more info on az states?

Its at desert ridge in scottsdale on the stage dont know what day i think around the 23 of november

It’s on November 16.

how can I enter this contest? and where do i find details on where and such? i have been searching for contests in AZ for some time but i cannot find anything

Email Yoyofactory.

ok so i looked on yyf’s facebook and i dont see anything about an arizona competition. where did you guys find out about this?

If you look up Tyler severance, his page is public and has the contest info available there.

On a side note, where in AZ do you live? I’m in Vail and I’ll be attending and competing at this contest.

Gilbert and I am competing in the contest.

I’m in Mesa and will compete!

YES! Saturday November 16, 2013. Phoenix, AZ