Any AZ yoyoers out there?

Is anyone going to the az states contest this year if there is one?

The contest won’t happen until November. Where in AZ do you live?


is there any yoyo clubs or other contests in az this year?

I know that there’s the All Yoyo club in Phoenix, but I’m not entirely sure when or where they meet up. I live in Tucson and the club I go to is at the Park Place Mall. We meet up on Saturdays from 1pm-3pm. As for contests, other than the one YYF hosts late in the year, there are no other contests.

I’m moving to chandler hopefully in the next year but I know that nardcopter is from as as well as go_crazy_for_yoyo and a few others I had the chance over the summer to go to the yoyofactory club but it has been delayed for a while


There is a yoyo club at Gotham comics I live in Gilbert too and it is 15 minutes away

At 1 to 3 on saturdays


Call my name?