Is there any competition near Arizona?


I don’t know of any comps. but depending on where you live the yoyofactory headquarters may be very close to you


yes YYF is next to our house


Az states yoyo contest NOV. 3 Tempe marketplace.
Wooo Hooo!!



Then how do you live in Korea? :wink:


I’m Korean and lives in Arizona


I don’t know if there’s any in arizona but theres plenty in california




there in chico thats where nationals are and that areas regionals plus theres California states too


Can i have some info on that competition?


yey! I never been to a contest so do I have to buy tickets? is there more info’s?


I want to know if this is true.


Completely true, I heard it from Tyler himself. PM me your facebook info and I can invite you on the facebook event.
Also the contest’s tumblr:


Why would i lie!!!


I never accused you of lying…


Meant to thank you for the info on the contest, not on that post.

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