any contest is or near arizona?

does any of you know of any contests in or near arizona??

As far as I know the closest is in California. :-\
I wish there were closerones too.

BAC, BLC, California States, Nationals, Socal are your best bet which is in California.

ya i live in AZ too… im lonely :’(

no but there are yoyo clubs at atomic comics!

me 2 :frowning:

and their really fun!! ;D

yeaaa :wink:

yupp, im here in kingman az, and i go back and forth living in LV also, nothin even in VEGAS!

I used to live in Kingman, Az. Really nothing going on there.

Come to this club! Its brought to you by YoYoFactory, Eventually they’re talking about doing a contest. But all Arizona Yo-Yoers are welcome!!! Come learn from the pro’s!