Cal States 2010 - March 6th, Just around the Corner

(Chris Allen) #1

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I just want to briefly cover what to expect at the Cal State Yo-Yo Championship.
#1: Vendors. As of right now, it looks like General-Yo, Crucial, and YoYoFactory will have a table at Cal States. This should cover yo-yo availability from the simple plastic to the uber premium metal.
#2: Prizes. LOTS of prizes. All day we will be selling Raffle Tickets. $1 per ticket, and you could win one of our great prizes donated by some of our sponsors. The Tickets will be sold by the Armijo High School Cheerleading Squad (From Fairfield) and 20% of all the raffle sales will be donated to them for their squad. (They will also do a halftime show)
#3: Admission. It is free to attend, but to compete is $5 to compete in one of the three divisions. 1a, Open, and Sport Ladder. You can register for both 1a and Open ($5 Each) but if you compete in the Sports Ladder, that is the only competition you may participate it. Sports Ladder will have THREE first place prizes divided by Age Group.
#4: Music. If you are competing in 1a or Open, Have your music ready and burnt onto a CD. DO NOT bring a store CD or a CD with multiple songs and ask us to jump to a specific track.
#5: Food. Besides a FULL food court, there is a Starbucks right next to the contest area and a Johnny Rockets right upstairs overlooking the contest area. Also right next to the Contest Area is the Riverside Brewery. Further into the mall is a Carl’s Jr.
#6: FUN. If you don’t know how to yo-yo, there will be a very large amount of Pro’s there that will be willing to teach you.
#7: Performance. This year, the showmanship and performance part of your overall score is ramped up from 10% to 35%. We have also brought on an independent group of judges specifically for showmanship. Staring at your hands will not cut it. You need to move around, use the stage, and engage audience.
#8: Big Prize Bags. With 30 Sponsors, California State Yo-Yo Championship is bound to have some monster prize bags. So far we have received almost $2000 dollars worth of yo-yo goods, and we haven’t even gotten everything yet!
#9: Big Names in the Yo-Yo World. We have Two Grand Masters on the Judging team, and a great amount of National Level Pro’s coming. If you want to meet some big names, this may be your chance.
#10: OUT THIS WORLD Yo-Yoing. If you yo-yo, then you already know how great contests are to see new tricks and new innovations, but if you are NEW to yo-yoing, this contest will KNOCK YOUR SOCKS OFF with incredible freestyles, tricks, and personalities. Safe for the whole family, and excellent for any skill level.
Come out and join us at the California State Yo-Yo Championship!

(Chris Allen) #2

Big Update


I saw the big update and was suprised in a relly good way, its cool to see Razor USA’s company Pocket Pros as a featured sponsor.