California State YoYo Championship 2011! UPDATE - CASH PRIZES

Some of our goals this year?
Big Cash Prizes
5 Divisions
BIGGER and BETTER than last year!

Awesome!!! I’m so excited!!! It seems a lot better than last years, but it was so fun last year too! I can’t wait! :o :o :o :o

i’m really going to try to be at this contest! I hopefully will have the money for the ticket to cali before the end of february

I am so going this year > w <
But i need parents permission and friends cause they want to go to :smiley:
Who ever is going i hope i see you there :smiley:

How will the contest be “returning to retro”?

And also, can’t wait!


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More of a tag line for non yoyoers who think a yoyo is a retro toy.
CalStates is one of the biggest contests attended by non yoyoers.

Soon to be up for Auction to help fund Cal States 2011

is it on januay 19

read the poster

Please let California States come quicker. I can’t wait to see what people have to bring this year. I’m going to try and enter. But I’ll probably just fail. :stuck_out_tongue:

We are getting some GREAT sponsors coming in and it excites me to announce the Prize Money layout for the California State Yo-Yo Contest.
As more sponsors come in, this amount will increase. What you see right now is the MINIMUM the prize money will be.
Last year I gave away $2000 total in cash prizes for two divisions
Here is the breakdown for this year.
1a Champion - $1000
2a Champion - $200
3a Champion - $200
4a Champion - $200
5a Champion - $500
This does not include the prize bags of goodies set forth by our sponsors. 2nd and 3rd place in each division get good prizes too made up of sponsor goods.
Even the Ladder division gets some goodies as we play for a minimum of a $100 gift certificate to an Online store for each age group (under 13, 13-19, 20 and up)
*note – All contestants in each division are eligible regardless of home of record. Top scoring in each division will walk away with that respective prize even if they are not a California Resident.

note to self…win the 1A division

I can’t wait for this! It’ll be my first contest.
What should I expect? Will there be vendors?


I want to go so badly,but my parents can’t
afford the trip. :’(
It sucks because I wanted to enter.

Will there be any workshops?

wait are you going to be making another contest video? if so, it would be cool if i was in it