Who's going to the California State Yoyo Competition?

I haven’t been yoyoing for that long about 4 months but I am going to try our the ladder competition.
Please tell me if your going that would be cool if i saw you there.

you could identify me easily i am kind of short have blonde hair and carry a red DNA

hope to see you there

California has yo-yo competitions?

Go…Wow dude. Yes, and Razor is donating $1000 to the winner of the 1A Division and Open Division. And many other prizes, the Cal contest is one of the biggest State contests, expect hundreds of yoyoers if you go.

Ill be there, and competing in 1A and open.
Along with much of Team 2yo.


Awesome so i found out for sure that i am going but i am not good enough no compete in the 1a freestyle but i will be in the ladder competition

I’m going! I’ll be in the 1A division. Expect a guy in a black Quicksilver Shirt and a Hat.

I’m going!!! Gonna compete in 1A.

Happy Throwing! =]

Two days left until competiton!!!

Its gonna be awesome

I’ll be there and I’m about 75% sure I’m going to compete. I have no idea what I’ll be wearing.