C3 berserker rX

Who wrote the description of this throw? I know it can’t be you Andre.

Man, that is a terrible item description. Sounds more like an ad for some sort of b-grade action film.


It would be cool of if it was andre. I mean all spartan n stuff…

It’s says “as described by C3” Made me lol. Tons of grammar errors as well.

all i can think of is “Prescription berserker”.

I have to get my doctor’s permission before i buy.

I think it’s totally amazing and somehow makes me want to purchase one even more! It’s hilarious and uplifting somehow. I’m a fan!

That made me want one…

Same here. ;D

I literally couldn’t stop laughing at this part haha (not the spelling errors, but the story)… The pictures make it look like a fire breathing dragon had a field day with it :o

“Berserker fighted very hard with his last rage for the World in Doomsday. He won the battle but almost lost all his strength and dying…. Suddenly, there is a bright light from heaven shine on him. Berserker “REBORN” with “EXTREME” power! Now Berserker RX stand and fight for the New Era!!!”

You guys know that the owners of C3 are located in Hong Kong right? They’re not exactly great with English.


Well, if they’re gonna sell yoyos ta us guys… :wink:

Well, I’m pretty sure they would not see a great difference without the US market. Really.
As a non native speaker, I find this lack of respect towards these awesome people extremely rude and disappointing. This attitude is absolutely disgusting.


They should at least edit it using proper grammar before posting it.

I agree, the description should have been checked and corrected before being posted. I think whoever actually reads is shocked. Then it brings more questions.

I missed the part where it was descripted and quoted by c3. I really thought it was yoyoexpert, because I had seen quite a few errors in many other yoyo descriptions.

Yeah I think it was Simpson…? The description was on Instagram around Christmas time.

I actually like direct translations it shows the structure of another language, and how they symbolize some aspects in there culture. :slight_smile:

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If only they had a Spell Check Button. “sigh” :wink:

One of the many expected outcomes of transliteration. If you quit whining about “hurr y’all should speak american”, you might see that it’s really a pretty cute read, and gives a nice positive attitude to the company.

Many of you have obviously never purchased products with translated packaging. They’re a hoot.

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The only error that bugged me was “fighted”.