C2yoyodesign MO-Vitation?

When Is coming out? I thought the MO-Vitiation was out but I can’t find it in the store.

Have you tried checking their YouTube or Facebook page

I’ve never heard of C2 yoyodesign haha

c3 is a Korean yoyo company that creates high end competition ready throws, their flagship model the berserker is an awesome throw. Also all of their throws are v shape

You wrote c2, he was joking.

oh I never notice that In till know

C3 is based in Hong Kong?

YYE doesn’t current carry the Mo-vitation though.

yes c3 is base in Hong Kong mistake on my part and no YYE doesn’t have the mo-vitation if they did we would see it in the YYE blog.

Bumping that im to stupid