Show Off Your C3yoyodesign YoYos!


Hey guys,

Thought that we should start a new C3 Show off topic. This company well deserves one.

As of now I only own a Halo, but man is it an incredible throw.


(Low quality pictures rock!)

(PikachuCanYoyo?) #2

i dunno if this is gonna work but this is my master galaxy

worse quality picture!


(YoYo_Freak) #4

I didn’t see this thread! I’ll post mine soon ;D

(Kei) #5

My precious Dark Sonic ;_;

post them :<


Here are mine:

Left to right: Halo, Yeah3, Capless, Berserker.


(Kei) #7

I’m Jealous…
Good thing you live in Australia


If I lived in the states, I’d probably own a lot more due to cheaper shipping XD



I’d give anything for that berseker :((((




I see you like di base


^ Yes, I love that yo-yo. YYE customer service recommended it to me and I loved it. It may catch up to my collection of Dingos someday. I want more colors.


Dang thats pretty.

(M.DeV1) #15

I like this thread! It will give me an idea of what H5’s everybody has and how much it will take to get them from those people. (I collect them ::slight_smile:


the H5 is one of my very favorite throws, it plays just as good as it looks. I originally had it signed by C3 staff but the signs went off

(M.DeV1) #17

Nice! the two editions I’m looking for are Red Tung, and yours Pink Flower I think its called.




my 1 of 1 trident

(Kei) #20

Dang, thats a good looking Trident.
Why did you get it?