Buying a Gift, Opinions Appreciated!


I’m looking to buy my husband a yo yo. He is pretty decent, but I couldn’t know less about it. From what I’ve found online it looks as though maybe a SPYY Flying V or Punchline, a Caribou Peak or maybe a General Yo 5 star would be best. Any thoughts? Another yo yo I should get instead? I’m okay with spending anything south of about $180 and would like something a bit on the heavier side (I think).

Thanks so much!

Well if he is advanced get him a dreadnought g if you want heavy and if he is intermidate get a protostar some string thin lube and a center trac bearing if you have any questions pm me.

I marginally agree with Thomas, what yoyos does he have already, which one(s) does he play with the most? Those throws may help give us some insight into what he likes. Really though the price range you have includes ALL of the “High Performance” yoyos so good on you there. Just reply with what yoyos he has and plays with, we can go off of his preferences that way. :smiley:

well sinse it IS a gift, and you want to buy a new one, i’d suggest a y-factor. it is my favorite :slight_smile:

thanks guys :slight_smile: i’m not sure what he has now, nothing incredibly fancy but i believe he’d like the ones i mentioned as he seems to prefer something larger/heavier (tall/big hands) and i read good reviews of both spyy and caribou models, but not being a yo yo-er myself, i’m not sure. i’ll definitely look into the other brands too, would anyone say the spyy or caribou would not be good choices?

thanks again so much!

SPYY and CLYW are both great. If you want to get the most bang fr your buck, grab a Double-Take Industries BassBoost.

I wouldn’t say they are bad companies at all, though I haven’t owned any from those companies. MY only point was that those are really expensive and you might be able to get more bang for your buck at a smaller price point. If you are looking for heavier yoyos I would suggest a Barco Energy (Retails at $120 but these are hard to come by), Protostar/Northstar (These are plastics but they run with the most expensive metals) 888x’s are good and retail at $100 plus they come with Hubstacks. Auldey Virus is a unique shape, beautiful laser engravings as well as an amazing ~$62 price point. Dv888’s are really good as well as most of the YYF FundaMETAL line (Frantic, Hectic, Lunatic, Dv888, etc.) A YYJ Tinity might be another option. Though tbh even if I didn’t enjoy playing with it I would love to play a Flying V or Addiction :smiley: I don’t think you can go too wrong with anything you choose. :smiley: I hope this helps at least a little.

This is another great idea.

I would get him a yyf superstar a amazing overall yoyo and is big and heavy

I would go as far as to say that anyone who gets a Peak as a present, that day, they are the luckiest yoyoer alive.

Your hubby would probably give you many kisses for a Peak.

i agree

If it was a gift and you seriously want him to be happy and youre spending a lot on a yoyo I would not get any Yoyofactory products. They’re a dime a dozen. If you can find something like a Peak as previously said I believe he would be happier. They made a ton of Superstars. They only made a select bit of Peaks.

so what? if a yoyo plays well, i would get it…

Good Point. I definitely retract all of my YYF suggestions. Definitely do get something that was/is a limited run, it would be much more meaningful to me if I received one.

I can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic or not.

I think he was being sincere.

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CLYW is an excellent choice, especially if you can find a peak. I love my Gnarwhal as well, there may still be some for sale on this website.

If you are willing to drop up to $180 why not get a $65-$85 metal and a $15-$25 plastic to beat on. For example, get him a Mayhem and a Kickside. After shipping it would be about $110 at most.

I would recommend, a plastic and a cheapish metal. A YYF Protostar and a YYF Genesis, or if you can find one somewhere, a General-Yo Hatrick would get you like love for years. Trust me.

Or you can get him a peak. Just sayin