Does anyone know anything about the Breathe, from a company called Innovative YoYo Concepts?
I saw it on another site that is overseas, but I do not seem to find anything about it here. The seller says it is made in the USA. It is looks like a very interesting design. Anyone played one?


Haven’t played one. YoyoNews mentioned that it is machined by One Drop.


It’s highly inspired by Tomymoonly and Ettore’s works

I’m curious to know how this plays though, I mean, it doesn’t look really aerodynamic to me.


Meh. Aerodynamics are a pretty small factor for yoyos once the basic criteria are met. If the venting caused too much air resistance the yoyo wouldn’t have made it to production run, they would have revised until I did.

I sincerely doubt there is a true aerodynamics problem with the design.


Will it be coming to YoyoExpert?

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Quote from one USA yoyo shop.
I found it interesting, he used 3D CAD program and now want to patent his system.


I kind of hope that the patent fails…


Apparently he has never heard of the radian super light since it also has cuts along the z dimension


Those specs are different than the ones published at another store. I like them better. :wink:


A patent pending on what? Using 3D modeling software to design a yoyo? What is novel about that? I will have to think a bit before I commit my $ to that cause.

I just cannot see how ANY yoyo patent has been good for the yoyo industry; or yoyo players.

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I truly have no clear idea what exactly he wants to patent, here is quote


I hope that patent fails. Cuts along the Z-axis are not new or innovative. For example:

Edit: more:

SPYY six-shooter holes:

Dif yoyos have engraved hubs:

Custom does a lot of this:


Seriously, one Badd Man.

I love that guy… He is the Dr.Franken-einstein of yoyo concepts

Can you spell awesome?

Here, I’ll help you>>> Start with a Cap and finish with Caps. AWESOME.

ok, he might be ‘out there’…

But that is just ‘1’ of his Outstanding BrainBuilt Creations. His design processing is Masterful.


Wow… that write up is chock full of bull****.

Hype is one thing, but there are some outright lies in that.

Except for all those other yo-yos who have done it for a very, very long time. Among many other examples, you have this, which I made and showed at worlds in 2009.

If any attempt is actually made to patent this idea, I’ll actively fight it, and I’ll make sure others do as well.

LOADS of companies use 3d CAD models, myself included… dating all the way back to 2003. Solidworks is very commonly used among yo-yo designers, and it’s primarily a fully 3d program. Many of us even go much further and do real simulation and virtual performance testing using the extremely advanced physics simulators solidworks has.

There is a ton of hype in there, which is fine… but don’t lie to people.



Let me know if i can help fight it.


There’s another US store selling them if you’re interested. Personally it doesn’t do much for me. I think cut outs are awesome and really really want to see more yoyos with them, but this design in particular doesn’t thrill me in any way.


One Drop had absolutely nothing to do with ‘machining the Breath Yoyo’.



Let’s be honest here. Tell me how any yoyo manufacturer could possibly use a 2d CAD design to create something so precise as a yoyo. Not “innovative” at all.

Also, I don’t see how huge cutouts like those would make me want to buy it. Seems like it would just be a nuisance when trying to catch string.


Cool. It doesn’t matter either way… but good information is the best information. Even on YoyoNews, the actual quote was this:

“The yoyo is machined in the US, and uses One Drop’s bearing and response so it’s a safe bet that it probably came out of their machine shop, which speaks well to the quality.”

The part about “it’s a safe bet” means that it was just speculation anyhow.


Could OneDrop confirm/not confirm this?

I mean; is it a secret?