Innovative Yo-Yo Concepts BREATHE! Such an amazing looking yo-yo!


IYYC was founded by long time yo-yo player Ian Cole who retired from the competitive yo-yo scene to pursue a career in architecture and design. When he realized he could combine both his passions, yo-yos and design, he went into it with a mission to create the most ground-breaking yo-yos on the market. And from the looks of the first design, The Breathe, we think he’s done it!

It all started with an amazing idea for a beautiful yo-yo design unlike any other, but with no idea how it could be created. So Ian teamed up with engineer Mike Baudrexl who developed amazing new yo-yo manufacturing techniques that allowed for his innovative yo-yo dream to become a reality!

The Breathe just looks and feels so special, when you hold it you can tell how much thought and hard work work went into creating such a beautifully unique yo-yo. And it is more than just a beautiful looking throw, this one of a kind yo-yo masterpiece is a true competitor built for the modern yo-yo scene. The unique cut out design gives it an amazing weight distribution and feel that you just can’t get with standard yo-yo machining techniques.

The IYYC Breathe will completely change the way you view modern yo-yo design!


The demo video is very relaxed and nice to watch

(Cerulean) #3

Wow this yoyo looks great. I remember SPYY trying to make a yoyo similar to this a few years ago but I don’t remember if it was successful or not


Yeah, they did.

So basically this company turned around and back stabbed the yoyo community for the next 5 or so years by patenting it.

Sorry for the negativity.


::slight_smile: From the brief bit i’ve read there’s not a patent on yoyos having cut outs, obviously since the RSL did that already, but rather a patent pending on a manufacturing technique, which is fine and unlikely to ever matter. It’s not like companies have been rushing to release yoyos with cutouts anyway or they would have done it in the past few years… If you want to rage please direct it towards Yoyojam’s bi-metal patent which does have an obvious effect on models available in the US and probably a reason we haven’t seen bimetals from One Drop and the like, or towards Duncan’s 5A patent which is idiotic.


B!ST also has made yoyos with grooves like in this video. I know these Stampede grooves are sideways but he has so so many other throws with horizontal grooves. Just like the other thread arguing patent laws this brings them up yet again. I still love this video though.


This looks awesome. I’ve been hoping someone would release another cutout design. Is this raw? Is it powder coated? What alloy is it made out of?


If this was a nice color ano i’d be all over it, but color doesn’t do much for me. Also i think i’d rather see it with a non-blasted finish as seems lots could go wrong between the rough blast and grooves with regards to string eating, but that’s just an assumption. Love love love the packaging though, looks so classy and nice, exactly what the Ti5 and other high-end yoyos should aspire to. Maybe i will grab one and just see about getting it anodized. Hm.


Thanks, that explains a lot. I wish they would’ve done a clear coat or something, just to provide a little protection. Raw aluminum is easy to scratch/dent. $200 is just too much for me to justify when it oculd be so easily damaged. I was thinking about that as well, having it annodized.


Can you elaborate on this? What patent are you talking about?


Much ado about nothing:


Oh I thought he was talking about Spyy which made no sense. This makes more sense but yeah “patent pending” is not the same as patented. I am curious though what the patent pending covers though because using a 3 axis machine to make a yoyo is not new.


I wonder how much time it took each one to machine!


Does anyone know how these play? I am so intrigued and want one really bad



Let us know!