IYYC Breathe: A High Speed YoYo Review


Innovative Yo-Yo Concepts (also known as IYYC) is a new company started by retired competitive thrower Ian Cole. Cole left the yo-yo circuit to pursue a career in architecture. Once settled in his new career path, he decided to combine his two passions, the result is the Breathe. When I first saw the Breathe I was extremely curious about it. The design struck me as being reminiscent of the SPYY RSL, a yo-yo I have always wanted to try but have never gotten to throw. Let’s see if the Breathe’s unique and unconventional design adds something new to the yo-yo world.

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Wow. Thanks for the honesty. I’m so happy I didn’t pull the trigger and buy one of these. I hope you don’t mind my asking, but were you given one as a tester, did you borrow one, or did you unfortunately spend the $200 on your own?

Thank you very very much for the thorough and helpful review.


I borrowed it from a friend of the site who bought it for their collection. I know way to many collectors who have more money than they know what to do with. LOL


Thanks for the brutally honest review. I figured the string might snag on the cut outs but that was a compromise to enhance play elsewhere. Alas, it sounds like a disaster overall. Very disappointing because it really is an insanely good looking throw.



Unfortunate. I kinda suspected it wouldn’t be much of a player, as the edges look pretty sharp, and those grooves in the profile shot look pretty brutal. The pic you used for your review isn’t even as bad as the shot they used here on YYE.


Still pretty cool as an collectors item; it would look killer on a shelf, and hopefully anyone who bought one bought it with that in mind. If the manufacturer gives it another shot, hopefully they’ll bring the same sense of adventurousness to their next throw, but with better-playing results. Now that SPYY is gone, and ILLY has slowed, yoyo design is somewhat lacking in that department (YoyoJoker’s new Stigma notwithstanding).


Great review as usual :slight_smile:

Finally, something that might dethrone the Rev G.


Very refreshing to hear such an honest review. I have to admit I was tempted myself by this but ended up giving it a miss, which I’m now glad about.

Thanks for giving us the inside scoop. :slight_smile:


Yep, I love that you weren’t afraid to tell about its faults – some are tempted to try to rationalize their purchase to themselves. =P

I honestly can’t believe this got through play-testing. But I guess they knew it would sell as a novelty if nothing else.


Nothing will ever dethrone the Rev G… nothing.


The fact that High Speed YoYo flat out said this yoyo was bad really says something…

Cuz they say that every yoyo they review is at least good if not amazing :smiley:


I do my best to find something positive about every yo-yo I have reviewed… although I have had my moments, this is not the only bad review I have given. My goal is to give balances, pluses and minuses.

This is just the first that I have outright said to avoid. There is no other way about it, this yo-yo is a dud and I will not allow something I have written be the reason someone uses to waste $200+ on a yo-yo. There are too many great yo-yos out there that a player could pick up for that money.

(Ian) #12

It looks cool, but I just can’t see those grooves not interfering.