Breathe Innovative YoYo Concepts


I just noticed that all the new “Breathes” are sold out.
Who bought one, and what is your opinion about how it throws ?
Maybe a review ?


I bought one, but it’s not coming in until Friday. ;D


It took a day to sell outside
I was gonna snag one but its really wasn’t what I was looking for
I wanted puffins instead ;D
it looks sweet tho no lie


I picked one up. I’ll definitely give it a review once it arrives and I’ve thrown it around a bit. Haven’t thrown much recently, but the last couple of weeks I’ve been getting back into the rhythm so this was a little treat…


I passed up on this one. Although holding a very nice aesthetic, the cuts call for inevitable string snag or catches.

A great engineer running a company called B!st has been creating innovative yoyos similar to this for years. Check him out


This was the only thread I’ve seen regarding it, and I haven’t seen anything else.,73937.msg828091.html#msg828091


I got one, but i hesitated at YYE and the next day they sold out. I had to find another external source, which still has a few in stock.

I just couldnt resist with the shape, and its my favorite size throw. Cant wait to see how it plays!!