what happened to Innovative Yoyo Concepts?

Y’know, the company that made the Breathe, the yoyo with the straight cutouts. Did they fold over?

On a side note, how does the Breathe Play? Heard it’s bad.

You heard right…and that’s more than likely what happened to them - the Breathe was a joke :smiley: and not a very funny one at that.

I think their mission was to find out if they could sucker folks into buying one of the most expensive and worst playing yoyos ever made.

I think they did a little research into yoyo trends and recognized that if people were Dumb enough to buy the Rev-G; they just might be able to also push some of their $Expensive paperweights.

The yoyo literally lived up to its’ name; when you think about it.

You spend hundreds for the yoyo… throw it down the string… realize Instantly how much Money you just totally wasted… you have an Asthma Attack… and it takes your breath away☠️

…I ‘think’(think) the Company that produced the Breathe; designed it completely in CAD. I doubt they did any actual performance testing. They must have thought the look and expensive price tag would get people thinking it ‘was really something’. I may be wrong but I can’t convince myself they knew how bad their yoyo sucked and still put them up for sale? But then again…?

A truly horrible yoyo. Especially considering a Chinese Yoyo maker could probably make them to retail for $25 bucks on EBay.

My condolences to anybody that was misguided enough to buy one when they dropped way back when.


I have one and I love having it in my collection. As a piece of art it’s super cool. But yeah it doesn’t play very well. The mistake they made was to market it as a revolution in how it plays.

I don’t regret getting one.

I found this:

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Ian is a cool dude and goes way back in the community. There’s nothing wrong with trying a crazy design… but there’s a reason prototype runs are a thing :stuck_out_tongue:

It was recently granted a US design patent (I think it was this past September or this month).

I admire the designer for at least trying something new and actually creating and selling it. The fact that the Breathe is still being remembered and mentioned on this forum, good or bad, says something. As to what happened to IYYC, I have not heard any authoritative word on their status.

I never got around to buying one. Wish I had just for the museum.

At least Sengoku yoyos shows how to properly make cutouts.

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A good read…



Every time I play mine I imagine all the other manufacturers that will inevitably release their own versions of this type of design. YoyoFactory? YoyoOfficer? Yoyorecreation?? Metal? Plastic? Delrin? …With rings?

… Oh my!

I’m thinking the same thing. It looks like something manufacturers might jump on to follow suit.

Does the string go smoothly over the slots?

Lolol… No; the string doesn’t go ‘smoothly’ over the slots🤓

One thing; no doubt some people don’t think about when watching the excellent ‘it’s not so bad’ in the video a few responses above this one.

In the video; you see a very Skilled player ripping through some tricks without any problems whatsoever

And what you are also seeing is a guy with Perfect string/gap alignment; keeping the string exactly towards the very center of the yoyo gap. And Never getting hung up on those Slots.

He simply worked his tricks ‘around the limitations’ of the yoyo.

As already mentioned by David from One Drop; he enjoys having it in his collection.

I (me)think it ‘is’ a very slick looking yoyo for display purposes.

Where it fell flat for me; was how they advertised it as some kind of next level yoyo; when they had to know how wrong they were. But then again; maybe they didn’t realize how lame it was/is compared to their hype? Dunno… I am not actually a mind reader.

But when it dropped for about $200; it had to be the worst value for the money.

Personally I feel that even though it would have affected the slick flowing look somewhat; if they would have divided those slots into 6 segments instead of 3; the yoyo would have been much more forgiving on off center hits?

To hear that a Patent was granted for the design seems an expensive proposition.

Kinda like getting a Patent on a flat tire.

… Now; if by some miracle; they would have taken that design to somebody like Kyle Weems; the outcome would probably have been more optimistic. Kyle would have tweaked their paperweight into a much more functional yoyo. It would have still been crazy looking but Kyle would have made it actually balanced and functional to a higher degree.

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I like that it has the play flaws because it it didn’t, it would look different. The only way to have a yoyo that looks exactly like this one is to have the flaws. I love the way it looks.

It’s awesome. Would have been better to just market it for what is was. Either way, they were going to sell out and be collector items.

Well at least it will go down in history as one of the worst modern yoyos. It will be talked about and sought after for years like the Rev-G.

I found this line for describing the ‘‘new & innovative’’ manufacturing techniques of the Breathe.

What a load of fancy sounding gibberish. So it’s non-solid, then is it a liquid or a gas?

The biggest problem here is simply your lack of understanding. Because you do not think at a level of expertise and understanding in comparison to the person that made that statement; it’s only logical that you don’t have a clue to what he meant by what he said.

Ignorance on your part is not the problem of the speaker. Just because you cannot grasp what the speaker was talking about; does not make what he said any less true or less compelling.

I; on the other hand; spent years giving lectures on Effective Communication. I bring extensive experience to the table that allows me to understand EXACTLY: what the speaker said and what the speaker meant.

So what Exactly is he saying? What Exactly does that statement mean?

…I don’t have the slightest idea😳

I think it’s called Mumbo Jumbo?


Ps… Amazing discovery! I was just cleaning a cats litter box. And I found a big puddle of non solid aluminum!

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‘"Tectonically Structured YoYo’ system; a new technique of machining non-solid aluminum bodied yoyo halves."

If this nonsense description really is from IYYC, then I have no doubt in my mind that the breathe was made for a cash grab. Just all talk and show to make money, not release a quality product.

I have not even read this kind of crap on an Ebay description for an ultra cheap yoyo.

This is just the worst.

Pretty sure he’s talking about “live tooling” or CNC machines with more than 3 axes. Basically a machine that is both a lathe and a mill at the same time. But who knows.

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