How to make a bad yoyo

Companies are always trying to make good yoyos, what would make a bad one? I would put water in a hollow opening and laugh as sleep times died. Muhahaha!

I would make sure to screw the yoyo in once, misaligning the threads, and again realigning the threads, that way it’ll be hassle knowing if you did it right or not.

Making a bad yoyo is very easy, actually. Our knowledge of modern yoyos has been gathered by very talented people for years and years now, so most throwers know the basics of what makes a good design whether they think they do or not.

An example of a “bad” yoyo isn’t something I can come up with with regards to the current lineup of manufacturers, but I can imagine one easily.

A yoyo with extreme center-weight, sharp rims, and a poorly stepped catch-zone would be horrible, but might look good on paper (or in CAD) to a novice designer.

Just forget the threads entirely and use different shape/ weight halves.

Get non throwers to make yoyo.oh imagine the vibe and wooble that throw will have,heck it will scream kill me!

It’s easy to make bad yo-yo, mostly if its designed by people who dont have any experience with designing( random small brands) or even worse, arent even yo-yoers(9.8 Yo-yos).

Lets ask Yomega :slight_smile:

That’s terrible! Terribly funny… Maverick, Dash and Ouch are excluded!

I had a yo yo that was full of candy that was a bad yo yo.

Eating the candy didn’t help either. :wink:

Why do people hate Yomega so much, they are trying to improve, but with comment like this, you are making it more difficult

I agree with this comment.

Just because they don’t make high end yoyos they are a great beginner company. They are available for that reason and do very well at it. Most people at some point have used a Yomega as a starter yoyo

This is the most arrogant and foolish post I think I have ever seen good sir.

Yomega makes very high quality yoyos for beginners. They just haven’t started making yoyos for advanced players until recently. And from what I know about their recent yoyos, they’re very good.

It made me laugh!

well the glide seems to be very good

this philosophy is wrong all yo-yos are good yo-yos just a matter on how you play with it or what you do with it.

I’m guessing the new players are not aware of the Yomega incident few years back. Shady company… but I guess Recrev… oops! I said too much! :wink:

Flamebait aside, produce a yoyo with walls less than 2mm thick and ready yourself in hearing bizzare broken-yoyo stories

Enough with the Yomega and Recrev bashing. What happened probably didn’t even affect you. They can make a better yoyo than you ever will, if you want to prove me wrong, go ahead.

Challenge Accepted.

Hold on a second. Why is this topic being dismissed somehow as a taboo? They made their mistakes and no actions were held to right their wrongs, both of them. This is only part of the repercussions. Deal with it if you don’t agree because I will speak my mind if I want to.