Looking for IYYC Breathe


Looking for a deal on an IYYC Breathe. PM me up some offers!



just look on ebay.com - type in “breathe yoyo” and you’ll be surprised :wink:

Good luck


You’re right, but compared to the price at yoyoexpert the ebay-price is only a little bit higher - but it’s available there (and as far as I know, the Breathe has been sold out everywhere else).
I wish you good luck, but I’ve serious doubts, that people, who bought the yoyo, will give it away in this short time only for a few bucks. :wink:

So - this was my bump for free. :slight_smile:

Have a nice weekend


Just ordered from those guys. They’re terrible. Didn’t ship my order after 5 days. I asked them why and they finally decided to tell me they lost the serial number for the yoyo. Asked if maybe I could get a discount for the trouble and the fact they lost the serial number which makes the yoyo lose value. They said 5 bucks. Quickly asked for a refund. They’re terrible to deal with.

So I’m back to the drawing board of finding one. Bump.


We have more enroute! Coming soon - if you want us to notify you feel free to send an email. Contact@YoYoExpert.com



$100 says the next batch sits and doesn’t sell :smiley:


^^^^^ What he said.

Hearing through the grapevine they are not the best players. Good showpiece though.


The grape vine is extremely wise. :wink:


It’ll be in the Museum today…from Chris’ review, that’s where it belongs anyway.


Hello, I’ve been trying to sell mine for the last 3½ weeks. I messaged some other guy who was looking to buy, but he never replied. PM’ed

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Their not really good. They don’t spin for a long time

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