Used yoyo's on Ebay

I’m thinking about trying to sell my YYF Boss and buy something else. I put a few scratches in it and it just pisses me off to look at it.

I went on ebay to see what other used YYF yoyos were going for, but there arent any. In fact, there aren’t ANY used yoyo’s for sale. AND there are absolutely NO yoyos that are auctions. It’s all buy-it-now.

I figured maybe there was something I’m not getting. Is there a reason why there are no used yoyo’s on ebay? Is it some sort of secret yoyo code?

P.s. is anyone interested in buying a slightly scratched YYF Boss?

You can sell it on the B/S/T board on this website.

I don’t think he has been around long enough.
You shouldn’t care about a ding on your yoyo.
How ever I am not you mom so feel how you want.
Know that dings on non rare yoyos drop the value a lot.
Buy sale trade is how people move yoyos with in the community for the most part.

Yep, just as good to sell here.

yoyos on ebay - search for “yoyo”, hit auctions only - 25 pages of stuff. A lot of it junk/not related, but there were a couple of one drop dingos and a DM 2 on the pages I skimmed. The type and quality of yoyos offered there varies a lot.

Ton of YYFs up on ebay.

Ebay has kinda changed a lot. There’s a lot more people who just have their own store they have stocked with stuff than there are just online yard saler sort of people now. :-\ If that made sense…

Yo’s get banged up alot. Use it for a pocket throw and call it good.

he wanted to big, not just out right buy.  All those are buy it now only.

Just bst it here.