ILYY Enigma: A High Speed YoYo Review UPDATED with new pics

The team at ILOVEYOYO has been designing some of the most unique and visually appealing yo-yos in the industry. Their coatings, in my opinion, are some of the most vibrant I have ever seen on a yo-yo. Most of the yo-yos from ILOVEYOYO are designed together by co-owners Frank and Dom. Earlier this year, Frank designed his own yo-yo to fit his play style and the Liopleurodon was born. The Lio came to market with rave reviews, instantly selling out at most of the major stores. On August 31, ILOVEYOYO teased the community with a Twitter post stating “Two brand new yoyos in the making. Something we never did before! Watch out.” And then followed up on September 17th with another Twitter post showing a shadowy picture of two new yo-yos. The yo-yo on the right in that picture is the sophomore effort from Frank, the Enigma. Continue reading on and let us see if this is a worthy follow up to the Lio.

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Lol one of my siggies name is enigma…lol weird name to use for a yoyo…lol

Btw…excellent review