ILYY Fury: A High Speed YoYo Review


ILOVEYOYO has been on a roll recently. It seems like there has not been a month in 2010 where at least one new ILYY product has been announced or set loose on the public. Some of the releases are updates while others are completely new to the ILYY stable and then there are some coming down the pipe that are just bizarre looking but wicked fun to play. Today we are looking at one of those completely new designs for ILYY, the Fury. The Fury design came to be at the same time as the Enigma. Both of them are ILYY’s first push into the H-Shaped yo-yo field. While the Enigma played it safe, the Fury went extreme in its design. Now, there is something to be said about playing it safe a little bit, especially when you are working with an object with high rates of rotational speed and razor thin tolerances deciding whether your design soars like an eagle or smacks the ground hard like a turkey thrown from a helicopter (thank you WKRP in Cincinnati). So which one is the Fury, an eagle or a turkey?

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Nice long review.


Bump! There’s a 2012 Edition of this only on YYE! :o

There are 15 of them in a “Titanium Candy Blast” color and are 3g lighter than the original version.

Can’t wait 'til mine gets here ;D