Liopleurodon by ILOVEYOYO: A High Speed YoYo Review

The Liopleurodon by ILOVEYOYO has been one of the most hyped yoyo’s to appear this year. Almost anyone who touches one has given it nothing but glowing reviews as big as the prehistoric creature it was named after. I am not one to fall on to the hype boat so easily as someone hypes almost every yoyo that comes out. With this being the first yoyo designed fully by Frank Orben co-owner of ILYY, I began to think maybe its not just hype. So when I received a chance to snag a preproduction Lio, as they are called for short, I was ready to put it thru its paces. I had huge expectations for this yoyo and I was not sure they were going to be filled. Would the Liopleurodon come thru or was it just another over hyped yoyo?

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omg omg omg omg…uses jedi mind trick Brett you will send me your lio. :smiley:

Great review as always guys

Dang… Another nice yo-yo from ILYY. :slight_smile: