should i do this?


So i have the opportunity to get an IYYC breath but its going to put me out a re-release sasquatch and a bonfire. i dont know if i should do this and i would love some feedback from you guys and girls


No. The Breathe is awful and many of us agree it’s only worth getting if your a collector, and even then you shouldn’t pay more then $100 for it

This is also the only yoyo that HighSpeedYoyo has flat out said it’s bad and you shouldn’t buy it as far as I know -


It’s the only YoYo that I gave away even though it was brand new !!
I did not feel any sense of loss whatsoever.

Don’t do it… >:(


IT’s too bad that it plays so poorly.  I think it looks incredible.  Reminds me a little of the SPYY superlight.




Not just no but hell no (stupid autosub, that is not what I originally said). I promise you that you will regret that trade. You could sell those two yo-yos for more than wha the Breath retails for and then pick up something ten times better at half the price. I have played and reviewed plastics that are better than the Breath.

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Is that supposed to be impressive?

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I think you should do it

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me too


Don’t give people awful advice.


Are you meaning to be sarcastic and rude?


thanks guys! i decided not to do it the day i posted this.

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No, not at all. Sorry if I came off that way. I have to be more careful I guess.

What he said made it seem as if plastics were inherently worse than metals. Sort of like “This metal yoyo is so bad it’s even worse than metalsplastics :o”.
I know he probably didn’t mean that, but I wanted to point it out anyway


Ahhh I see what you meant now. Lol when I first read your post I was thinking you were dogging him.


Get the two clyws, they look great and play hella sick


Nope he meant plastics are inherently worse then high end metals :stuck_out_tongue:

Your paying $200, if a $20 or even $50 plastic plays better then a high end $150+ metal then that’s kind of pathetic


Just the bonfire alone could sell for more on a B/S/T. Nobody will buy it if you don’t like it.

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He’s not allowed to but I am? Racist


Well, we know you’re joking lol


Nope, just the truth. In the hierarchy of yo-yos, plastic yo-yos have been relegated to the bottom rung no matter how good they may play. People usually consider them to be second class citizens almost. Proof of this can be found even in posts dealing with Delrin yo-yos that take just as much skill to machine as a their aluminum counterpart. Inevitably someone will come in saying that it should not cost as much… and flame war ensues. Keep in mind, the average opinion of plastic yo-yos and my opinion are not one in the same. I don’t care what the yo-yo is made of as long as it spins true and is fun to play.

Back on point, I probably should have said I played many budget plastics that play better than the Breath. I’ll be generous and say that a “budget plastic” constitutes anything $60 and under. The Breath is pretty but if it is going to cost a person $150 while playing worse than a blister packed FHZ then there is no point i purchasing it.