You don't need an expensive yo-yo to be good...

Well, I was thinking about my buddie’s words of advice.  He only uses yo-yos that are less than 40 dollars.  And I totally agree with him, that anything you can do with an expensive metal, I can do with an inexpensive well made plastic.  I just wanted to see how many people agreed with this logic.  I mean, I saw A 4A vid where a Shinwoo Griffon Wing was used, and he did very well.  So again, I want to hear people’s opinions.

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Honestly most of my throws are in that $20 range. My most expensive yoyo would have been the RecRev but since I got it for $30. Otherwise, the Echo and Raptor were the most I’ve spent on a yoyo.

I plan on continuing collecting inexpensive throws as many seem to play just as well.

With an expensive yoyo your paying for details. A cheap yoyo can do the same things but its designed for a more general public, as to where more expensive yoyos are designed for certain types of preferences. Some people prefer these cheaper yoyos though, as they fit them perfectly, so to speak.

i really like yyr cause they play real good and are expensive

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Most I’ve paid for was my DV888 when it was still made in USA. 60 bucks.

My logic, if you can do it on a plastic, you can do it on a metal. Do it on a cheap one, you can make it look good on a fancy one.

I prefer the feel of metal but price doesn’t phase me. If it plays good I will like it.

There are so many examples that cheaper yo-yo’s can preform just as well as metals

Any good player+Any good Throw= Win sauce.

I mean I can’t say I havn’t tried a few expensive throws cause I have. Mainly out of curiosity and the pretty colors, but because I have tried them I find that I prefer using plastics or bi-metals because of the lack of fear of damage when I use them but I guess that depends on the person. Doesn’t mean I don’t like them, because I do. I just don’t think that I have to spend that much for performance.

It’s been proven time and time again that it’s the player, NOT the yoyo.

Good is good.

I’m not good. But you don’t need to have an expensive yoyo to have fun. yes, I got lots of expensive stuff but I usually play my DM2. It’s just what I really like. That’s not to say I can’t enjoy something even cheaper and have a great time. I’ll have fun with my Whip all day if I have to.

Fun is fun.

At the yoyo meet I went to today, I was amazed how many kids had very expensive yoyos and couldn’t throw them, but there were some kids MUCH better than me who did have much more expensive throws.

I think these competitors are choosing to use expensive yoyos because they have found that is what works best for them. I’ve seen competitors using cheap stuff too and doing good as well.

Plastics are awesome! The thing is that companies didn’t start making plastics with silicone response before 08/09. I remember when I started yoyoing, only modded plastics were decent when it came to response and gap-width. It was about that time the Legacy and the first Plastic Grind Machine came out and those yoyos are great. Since then, YYJ has been pumping out bi-metals and YYF and Duncan have made great plastics that play on the level of metal.

no one buys a $100 throw out of need

my $15 starbrite and $30 protostar are amongst my best performers.

but high end throws are beautiful, collectable objects

it’s like saying “no one needs a luxury car”. this is true, no one needs one, but it’s nice to have one if you’re into that kind of thing.

yoyoing can not be quantified and the quality of a yoyo doesn’t limit itself to its mathematical performance

Hadoq, I hope my wife doesn’t read this post! :wink: The truth can be a dangerous thing and you sir could get me into a lot of trouble spouting off like that ;D.

You’re right, OP. It isn’t necessary, and that’s an important insight that can be useful with a lot of things in life. Another insight that can be useful is that many of the things that make life enjoyable aren’t “necessary,” and sometimes enjoyment is reason enough.

Just use what is best for you, plain and simple. I honestly hate the feel of a bi metal or plastic metal hybrid (even though I played my DM for the longest time). That is me. You want to use plastics then fine, I like my metals witch is also very acceptable, hehe.

Yeah, look at Jensen Kimmit, he won worlds with a $30 plastic yoyo.

I hope none of those kids are reading this post. ;D

Metal throws are not always expensive. My Oscillatrix out performs many of my costlier throws, same with the 1st Blood Brother. I think it is mostly a status, ego thing. Most of the time when I see people hauling around $900 worth of yo-yos it is some kid whos mommy and daddy buy them whatever.

Yo-yo kid - “Dude check out this awesome soda blast! I had it custom done on my high end mass produced very popular yo-yo.”

Me- “How does it grind? Do you like it? How does it throw?”

Yo-yo kid - “Umm grinding is not cool. Yeah I like it, it’s my favorite throw! It throws like crap because I never clean my bearings, I do de-shield them 'cuz every one says you have to, but my mom spent like $400 on it, so it’s cool. WHAT”

Me- “Get over yourself, I am gonna go hit on yer mom. MILF city…”

Thanks, guys. I do use metals, don;t get me wrong, but i buy my own stuff now. I mean, I just bought a 3yo3 volume straight from Landon, so I don’t think expensive throws are obsolete. I just think it’s silly to spend over $100 for a yo-yo, that’s all. Thanks for the opinions, by the way.

Alex L used stock kicksides, which is a 15 dollar yoyo.
Work so many wonders with this yoyo. case in point, you can use any yoyo to pull off amazing trick and have fun doing them.