Proof that you don't need an expensive yoyo to be good...

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Cool! :slight_smile:

That first trick is stupid! :stuck_out_tongue:

If you watch Rob Kitts on the Yomega Team he can do Quadruple Laceration, double skin the gerbil, shockwave, suicide, and spirit bomb on a HWHW.



And one of my favorite players - Justin Weber:

Ain’t it the truth?

Some people don’t think so…

All I know is the xxxxl I got IS amazing, throws, feels and spins amazing! After using it I know I will never buy another plastic…as I use the DM(which feels awesome too for only $40) and xxxxl…all the plastics just dont feel the same, from an engineering and feel standpoint (out of all the plastics I got (10) the lyn fury and legacy feel the best to me).

I do think it comes down to individual players preferences…as in many say the nxg is great. I have one and for week could loop like I wanted. LITERALLY 10 minutes after opening the loop 720 I could loop as i wanted indefinitely…so i like the loop 720 better because of my style I guess.

To be fair maybe if I mod my plastics they will be more to my liking, but all I know is there is a big difference in quality and feel from the $110 metal yo I got to the plastic $20 one and I wont personally buy anymore plastics yos, except for presents, metal or metal rimmed only.

I am rambling here, I agree, maybe you dont need an expensive yo to be good, but they sure feel awesome, lol. Im a noob, carry on.

i for one am in love with projam mods. Theyll spin for about ten seconds but they are still so smooth after recessing them.

TO my family, $20 is pretty expensive for a yo-yo.

Still proves a point though.

Not really, what else can you get for $20? A pizza that will go down the toilet, why nor be a bit hungry and have a yoyo you’ll never see going down a toilet. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thats not fair… Legacys are amazing! of course its going to be on par with a skyline…

But yeah, good point…

Are you saying you good? haha JK
Awesome video!

To my family 1 mil is expensive, I mean, we own a resturant and we gotta pay it off :stuck_out_tongue:

This is a good video and and very good subject that no matter what will always be debated. But I say that instead of using a skyline vs legacy. You could have used two yoyo’s of the same brand like the skyline and grind machine or a meteor and legacy. Cause the brand does make a complete difference.

I might make an updated, better quality version later. I didn’t have all the time to make this.