Shameless plug to show off a new yoyo I made last night ;)

Known as the “radial”, it was designed by my buddy Ian, and then I stretched the width a bit & did the machining (of course). Next up, I’ll be cutting one out of this eye-bleed-inducing color explosion:

Fun stuff!!! Just had to share with someone, I’m sure you all will get a kick outta seeing it :slight_smile:


It’s this kind of thing that reminds me that I still have to get that other yoyo from you at some point. I’ve been sittin’ on it.

That is amazing!

Just like I said before…

Dude that’s great…



how does it play?

It spins rounder. Prolly great at Landon trapeze type mounts, but I Balk at drawing that conclusion.

Obviously when Ian was dreaming up that design, his mind was going in circles.


That’s nifty lookin’!

Dear Mr Balk,

Please make more sweet yoyos for us to buy.


The World

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Whoa that acrylic block or whatever is insane. Please make some!

That looks great!!! Im hoping to make a plastic yoyo for myself. I was wondering if you can explain how you made your yoyo.


Another work of art. I can’t wait to see the technicolor dream yo version.

The Chief is jealous.

Inner rims fo dayyz

This is beautiful

I yet to have a yoyo from 3yo3, and each picture of a 3yo3 yoyo make droll even more.

I saw Ian and was like…What?
I didn’t design crap. xP

Still looks beast Landon.