Branching Out

I have recently re-ignited my interest in yoyoing after a long gap. I have always thrown exclusively YYF and my favorite yoyos from them are the Yuuksta and Genesis. I definitely prefer H-shape yoyos. I have never thrown any other brand, but that is more out of what I bought when I was younger rather than complete brand loyalty.
I would love to hear what other people throw from other brands that may be similar to my favorites from YYF. What makes them good, and what would be a good starter yoyo into other companies? Thanks!

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theres almost to much out theres now a days, but the good thing is your more likely to find a throw you like! good luck and welcome back

Currently, Duncan is the company that has gotten a lot of my love. I am currently in the process of branching out to experiment with other companies.

I have put a thread I started a couple of weeks ago to try other yoyos, this might help you as much as it helped me! The responses on here are amazing!


Starting out, I was always a Duncan guy but that quickly changed once I got with the times and began buying online. I have throws from many brands now though today I got my first YYR metal, a Chopsticks Gorilla. If you like the Genesis or Yuuksta, you’d probably love the Gorilla though they are currently out of stock. There are too many good brands out there today and there are not really any bad choices you can make…just pick a shape/size and run with it!

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I’ve got a minty half swap Genesis red/black for sale or trade. The red half is not engraved.