What is an mid or oversized throw, I got some Christmas money I’d like to spend on a YoYo.

New Breed. Smooth ask yoyo.

Or just go talk to your new best friend the BST

What brand is the BST by?

Its not a brand its a section on the forums.

I don’t like to BST,
I don’t want YYF or YYJ by the way

Duncan Echo fits the specs

Or Duncan! Sorry, I forgot to say that, I’m being sorta stupid…!

Well those three brands, YYJ, YYF, and Duncan darn near own that price range. Really about the only other thing around there is the dibase, but its at the top of your budget and darn near sold out(only pink left). Now, if you can kick it up to around 65, or 70 a bunch of other good stuff is available.
with that being said, don’t count out the “big three” I’ve had my issues with a few of their throws, but my Northstar and Trigger are two of my favorite yoyos to carry around.

Although its undersized and YYF the Dv888 is by far the best thing in that range. I have mine siliconed and threw a trifecta bearing in it and it eats my combos as good as my $135 avalanche… I ordered my second Dv888 like 20 mins ago

I know you said no YYF… but hear me out.

Get a YYF Severe. You’ll thank yourself later. Not even playing right now… this thing is dabes.

Maybe a Di base maybe? I don’t know but it is a great throw!



What’s wrong with Duncan yes they may be a little mainstream but they are good yoyos

How you do that?

seems like those are on everyones want list. glad i ordered mine :slight_smile: