What would you say the best yoyo brand is?


I want a new yoyo but I don’t know what brand to get, I was thinking Yomega…


There are so many brands out there, it’s mostly up to preference. Duncan is probably the most successful of yoyo brands though.


Oh honey, that’s easily one of the worst choices you could make.

What do you have right now? What’s your skill level? That’d help us a little bit with recommendations

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I have the Yomega Fireball right now, I’m trying hard to become an intermediate but I can’t do much tricks with my current yoyo


Cmon now. Yomega is actually really trying to become relevant in the yoyo community. They’ve already converted many of their yoyos to C sized bearings and standard response systems.

As for reccomendations, Duncan, Yoyojam, and Yoyofactory all have excellent yoyos in the 40-60 price range that will last you until forever.

If you’re looking for something a little cheaper, yoyojam has one of the best plastics available (in my opinion) for $15, which is the lyn fury.


If you are willing to go ahead and jump into unresponsive play get a protostar by yoyofactory it is an amazing plastic and will take anything you throw at it

Another thing in unresponsive is the duncan raptor it is a great first metal and will take you very far

If you would like to stay in responsive play there are two suggestions

Yoyojam Dark Magic 2 it comes with 2 bearings so you can go from unresponsive to responsive by just changing the bearing

Or the Yoyofactory speed dial it can be adjusted to be unresponsive or responsive easily
hope this helps


One Drop FTW!


I would second that. Followed by YYF.


In terms of entry level to intermediate throws, it’s hard to to go past Duncan, Yoyo Factory and YoyoJam. If money isn’t an issue and you’ve got the basics down, I’d go with YoyoRecreation.



YoyoRecreation all the way, man.


Might as well put NASCAR tires on a tractor.

They need to work on some decent yoyo designs. Their flagship model is what, the Maverick? Ugh.

OP, I’d suggest one of these:


Dont Hate. The Maverick was my first metal yoyo and I still love the thing. When made unresponsive they actually play decent.

I do agree with you on the YYJ Classic though. With a decent bearing and silicon, nothing can touch it for the price.


I’m surprised to see so many YYR votes for outright best brand. I mean, they make a few good yoyos, probably 1 or 2 great yoyos, but up to this point most of them have been traditionally vibey or inconsistent in some way.

One Drop has probably made more amazing models just in the last year than YYR ever has.


Are you still stuck in the past? I’ve played quite a few of the er yomega’s yoyo’s and they are fantastic.The maverick and dash are not too shabby either. I can still pull off anything with those than I can with any one drop or yyr.


There so many great brands, it’s really not easy or even possible to name one the best.

sOMEThING, CLYW, One Drop and YYJ are osme of my more favorite brands. I wouldn’t dare say they are the best, but I’m extremely happy with their products. There’s many other brands I have that I’m also super happy with. If you like it, it’s best. Good enough for me, good enough for you, good enough for anyone.


I think your going to get a different response to this from every one in the yoyo community. It’s really a preference thing. I think that most of the companies out there do a great job.


OP: After the Fireball, I would move onto something from Yoyojam. They’ll get you to intermediate and beyond, no problem. I’d go with a Classic, Lyn Fury, or Dark Magic 2


there is no best brand.


I was waiting for some to say this, i thank you good sir.