Yoyo Company 2

So what yoyo company do you like best im not going to use the poll this time because its easier if you
just post it instead.And what do you guys think of yomega?

duncan rules. yomega is ok but I don’t think they actually come out with new yo’s.

that’s what I say.

CLYW all the way. Everything from them is just bursting with amazingness.

MonkeyfingeR Design!

Yoyojam or Yoyofactory. Not Duncan. Generally <$40 Duncan=Crap, not Love.

Yomega is supposed to be coming out with something new (i think another all metal). I know someone who said he tried one at a contest. However on the yomega website it has said “new product coming soon” for weeks.

ve a new plastic with Buzz-On-esk aluminum weight rings. Actually a great yoyo. I wish I’d have had the money to buy the one I played with at worlds.

Still too new and still learning to have a real opinion. I’m placing what I consider a sizable order(OK, maybe 1 or 2 mics worth) of throws and stuff from different brands to try to broaden my horizons.

What I have currently is a bit of Duncan(5 models), Yomega(3 models), A single YYJ, a couple of YYF, an Aoda and a generic metal. Some are metal, some are plastic, and the YYJ being a bi-metal. Different shapes and sizes designs.

My opinion on Yomega: I don’t really seem to have one. I am not versed on their products. They do make some pro models and people are using them. I’m not overly impressed with what I have. I have a Brain, an Xodus II and a Fireball. I’ll be buying one of their Brain XP models just to have a switchable clutch yoyo. Compared to my Duncan Reflex, which feels a bit, well, “not of superior craftsmanship”, the Yomega Brain seems to be a solid player. They won’t be one of my favorites, but I’ll never leave them out of the big picture. Unfotunately for YYE, the sale for that Brain XP will have to either be through BST or through another online retailer. But hey, that’s business and isn’t anything against YYE.

For now, I gotta say YYJ, mainly due to direct experiences with customer service involving a minor issue. The other companies haven’t needed me to contact customer service, or perhaps that’s not even an option in some cases. Maybe I should just contact each company and put a bug in their email to see how they respond. Well, I have in regards to Duncan and gotten no response back, but then again, maybe my email server’s heavy filtering nailed their response. But, of what I have right now, my Dark Magic II is almost always nearby.

Now, having said that, I’m getting some One Drop stuff, Werrd, HSpin, RecRev, Shinwoo, and more YYJ and YYF models. I’m trying to get some Crucial stuff(tres leches, trying to get a BST poster to come back and respond to PMs) and some other stuff. Another Aoda is on the way right now. And I might bite on some other offers in BST and from other “friends” on the chat room and forum. CLYW has some interesting items, but most have decorations that I cant’ stand, but then again so do many other brands. It’s a shame that sales are being stunted because of something that may seem as trivial as the paint scheme, but if I can’t stand it, why would I buy it? I’m sure not gonna want to throw it and I’d have to send it somewhere to get it painted or stripped and sealed at they very least. I think this distracts me from wanting to deal with a company such as CLYW, which many will point out that it is in fact my loss. Even so, I got my eyes on a certain model(gnarwal looks nice shape wise, not nice decoration-wise) in the BST and might have to jump on it and then send it off for a “proper paintjob”, probably in narwal colors!

Please keep in mind that I’m also on an educational/exposure mission. While I’m new, I think it’s important to expose kids to yoyo first hand, to at least spark interest and to help maybe get a few more kids off the couch and being active. So I may be spending big, but I’m spending well within my means, and I’m aiming for variety and features in order to get the broadest cross-section to show people. Yes, maybe I appear to be spending too much too often, but that’s for me to decide. Honestly, for what I’m going to be spending, including my next 2 orders, doesn’t even cover a single light of the 8 I’ll be buying, or even a 15% of the intercom I’m buying or even the amplifier repair parts I am ordering very soon. I’m also buying NOW because I want the items to be readily available when I’m ready for them, which may be weeks, months, or even years away. When the time is right to do something, I don’t want to have a buzzkill put on the momentum. Plus, the sooner the collection is more complete, the sooner I can really move onto the in-school stuff. I intend to let kids see the stuff and touch the stuff.

I also have to give some shouts to YYF though. I mean, my kids have ONE’s, I even have one. Fun, cheap, seems a decent item. Many inexpensive models with some serious play behind them. They claim they make plastics that compete with metals. Not only that, some people are saying that too. Gotta like a company who wants to put a good low cost yoyo into the hands of throwers.

We also have to look out for the fanboys who should the “right brand”, unless it is truly their favorite. You know, the types who jump on the brand that they feel makes them the coolest.

The best part is there is a LOT of great stuff out there these days. The list of favorites can be quite varied in this thread.

So, until further notice, I’m sticking with YoYoJam. I’m free to change my mind at any time, even though I’ll have more of another brand.

has to be xcube, onedrop and 3yo3