Boasting - Everyone likes to boast once in a while just for fun!


The title says everything! So I’m gonna start…

Today was the official release of the YYF Northstar so I was in an hour earlier and when the timer stopped I just hit “F5” key to refresh the webpage and clicked on that precious button “Add to cart”.
I got a protostar too!
And a fast 201 for my 6 y’old son.

I’m including a print screen (with my personal info blacked of course) so you guys that want one and can’t get one hit your head on the wall for a couple of minutes. LOL just kidding. Lets have fun yoyoing is the best in the world.

Don’t take this post too deep into your heart! lol Remember this is just for fun!!


Umm, still you didn’t get yours today and by the nature of your comment you probably wont and I’m not saying they’re rare or unique or limited. I’m just pointing out the fact that I ordered one today and I’m excited about it. I mean who wouldn’t.

So I really don’t understand your comment, I really don’t know what it has to do or any relation with this post and to finish I think your comment was unnecessary…


I think this whole post was unnecessary. You’re boasting about something that isn’t a big deal. It’s about as useful as me making a post about eating a cheeseburger today.


guys lay off.I mean seriously is this what yoyoexpert has come to? I barely make thread here anymore becuase everyone has so much crap to say about everyone.This sure isnt the yoyoexpert i joined 8 months ago or so.Give the guy some slack,lay off,thow a yo for a few,and calm down.Think about what you guys say before you post it.I dont get why everyone, well most everyone has to start crap.I apoligize to those of you who can actually be civil human beings and actually help the forum.


(Jei Cheetah) #5

This post doesn’t have a positive contribution to this community.
Thus, doesn’t need to be posted.
I am sure all can see this.



Its funny how you are quite a contributer to flame wars…


It’s funny how i USED to be.I stopped a while ago but keep talking smack like your cool.Real mature.


The guy’s excited about his order and posted about it.
He’s waiting in rigid anticipation. Nothing wrong w/that.

Congrats on your new stuff.
Hope it’s all you expect and more.


Everyone needs to take a deep breath and remember life is about getting excited for things and sharing those experiences with people. There was nothing wrong with someone wanting to share that they were excited about a new yo-yo - if we didn’t let people get excited for new releases then yo-yoing would be pretty boring after all!

Congrats on getting a NorthStar - just look at what Jensen does with it and you know it has to be AMAZING!


For the record, I did not, in fact, have a cheeseburger today. Kinda wish I did.


YHAAAAAAAAAAA for new throws!!! Now if only Duncan and YYJ can get the Raptor and Hitman Pro out I can be just as happy as you :smiley:

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I didn’t order one. Anyways, there is nothing wrong with getting exited about a new throw or posting about it. I’m not sure “boast” was the right word here though. I’m sorry if you took my comment the wrong way, I misunderstood yours, I’ll remove it.

P.S. We have two threads for posting about getting a new throw,1756.0.html,15340.0.html
You don’t have to use them, but they do generally seem to be sufficiant.


Ok, I’m not sure if the thread I opened is clear enough for everyone to understand as my primary language is Spanish and not English so I’m sorry if I misspelled a word or two or if the word doesn’t have the correct meaning. So if “boast” is not the proper word you can correct me and I’ll accept it gladly.

Once again I opened this thread so anyone could (now I didn’t know what word to use I just looked at synonyms on google of the meaning I want in the title of the thread: show off, shoot a line, boast, brag, vaunt, gasconade, self-praise - if any of these is offensive count it out or tell me so I can remove it) about anything they want not just new throws (the title is pretty open), of course related to “General Yo-yo Forum” and following Yoyoexpert Forum rules.

I show no disrespect to you or anyone of the fellow members of yoyoexpert forums. I think that we are all here because we share something in common which is that we all like yoyos and that when people that don’t play yoyo like us and are watching us doing a trick tell us “hey do the walk the dog”.

Again if I post a comment and anyone feels offended I’ll gladly remove it or you can also write to a moderator.

I hope everyone uses this thread to have fun in a good way!


I don’t mean to boast, but I am going to have that cheeseburger today. ;D
Won’t be as good as getting a Northstar like you, but it will definitely be more delicious.


You did just fine. I think most people understood what you implied. Your use of english probably far exceeds the spanish capabilities of most people here (and in many cases their use of english as well :wink: )

(Joshhh) #16

ordering a northstar, just got a sasquatch, and a marmot(both 28stories) and am getting a painted peak soon, im super excited. :slight_smile:

(Mi) #17

In a few days I’l have two Northstars. One of each.

(laxdude99) #18

In about two days I should have a northstar


Thought you didn’t like center track bearing…


Soon i will have my genesis… it feels like its been a year