northstar on the way!!!

Just ordered my northstar. It’s going to be a long, long week of waiting.

Great… woohoo.

it’s worth the wait…Northstar is a great throw.

Thumbs up.

Northstars are amazing!!!

Sweet! I traded for one two weeks ago. Of course, since then it has become a destiny and then it became cash and a starlite.

So…moral of the story. Great yoyo and if you don’t think so, it trades easy!

And you’re telling us…why?


Umm…I guess I’m just excited…sorry

almost didnt say anything buuuuut

telling everyone in a gerneral section of a yoyo forum he ordered a yoyo and he is excited. you sir are a jerk

Give it love !!! I love my NorthStar ;D,15340.0.html

Check this Thread out ^^^  :slight_smile:

Josh, please don’t act rude, I know you don’t mean harm, and your just having some fun, but not everyone knows your not being super serious. Your a really chill guy, but some of your posts aren’t helping anyone, and are uninviting to new comers on this forum. I’m talking to Josh not Gilda.

i lurk a lot around these forums not post, his sarcastic remarks to people who are excited are really disgust me.  rarely have seen him post something to help or being constructive.  seems more of a big troll.  some forum expert

sorry to thread jack


I love how easily people over-react. I find it amusing.
Get over it, and carry on everyone.


And also, right.

Well, sarcasm should never be taken seriously. And really, there IS an entire thread dedicated to these posts.

As to being constructive, he posts a lot, and a large portion of his posts are helpful and constructive, he also has a massive amount of tutorials on youtube.

On topic, The Northstar is excellent, and you have good reason to be excited. Enjoy it.

^ Proof there are still legit people in the world.

As to being constructive, he posts a lot, and a large portion of his posts are helpful and constructive. he also has a massive amount of tutorials on youtube.
If your so concerned about punctuation and grammar… There should have been a period in between ‘constructive’ and ‘he also’. No one likes a run on sentence.

theres a difference between sarcasm and sounding like a jerk. Being helpful on youtube doesn’t give someone the right to rain on someone’s excitement.

I do agree 100% there is a whole thread for that. In fact, I was just thinking to myself how many times I go look in the review section and there are always new reviews of the Protostar or Northstar throws that go up in there with just the specs and a short summary like “long sleep time, plastic with metal rims, I like it” Yea that has to get really annoying. I am a community leader at AstroGaming and I cant tell you how many times something gets posted in the wrong place, or posted for a fifth time in the same day without someone using the search bar. It really does get annoying. But take into thought a lot of them are kids from around the world who don’t have the slightest clue there’s such thing as “forum etiquette”. Being a forum expert he should act above and beyond the normal user. Not troll some kids excitement.

Pretty sure I can use a comma there. In fact, I’m positive I can, as “also” is an adverb and modifies the verb “has” of the subject “he”. It is grammatically correct, but maybe a bit awkward. Perhaps I should have utilized a semicolon. Thank you for the tip, however, I will aspire to employ clearer diction in the future to avoid confusion.

I fully realize everything you said is true, but I think it’s unnecessary and unwarranted to call Josh a jerk for what he said. Why not tell him all of your reasons instead of me? I’m sure he’d enjoy that to no end.

I love throwing my Northstar! Well…that was until i let a girl i am teaching to throw borrow it…and then she took it with her to college. Haven’t seen it since! Haha It’s a great and affordable throw. it’s definitely worth its price! I understand your excitement!