Northstar's with Jensen's Name on 'Em

Hey everyone

If someone could link me to a place where I can still buy a Grey Protostar or a Northstar that still has Jensen’s name printed on the side through PM I would super appreciate it.


You would have to get one off the BST. Unless you can find some obscure store. Also, this is walking on thin ice posting something like this.

i thought the northstar was only in white, orange, blue, green, yellow, and shaqler?

Well, these were around before you were. haha

I know of a frozen lake that contains one…

In honesty sorry, I think most stores sold out by now.

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Except that one is orange.

Have you tried contacting YYE directly regarding this? I mean, its entirely possibly they may have some.

Mine has Jensen’s name on it. But, a Northstar is a Northstar, name on it or not. I’m not saying that as a bad thing. I like my Northstar.

And broken

I know not having sentimental yoyo’s is a supposed good thing around here. Or you’re not cool/skilled unless you’re willing to damage/break your yoyo’s. But I would have never thrown that yoyo away. Even if it was slightly broken.

I know it’s not on topic, but it also doesn’t impress me to take all your yoyo’s and drag them across the floor in an attempt to display your lack of regard for condition of your things.

Really though, what kind of messages do these things give?

(P.S. I know I’m not cool cuz I like to keep things that have some kind of meaning)

But to be slightly on topic, may I ask why you want one with his name on it?

I think you completely missed the point of him throwing it away…


I’m glad I got one before he left…

I have a long response copy/pasted, but before I continue down the spiral of making myself hated around here, I would like to ask something;

  1. What do you think the point is/was?

  2. What do you think the point of my message is/was?

Jensen Kimmit quit from YYF in January2011, wihch was before I got into this. I got into this in May of 2011. I would have to check to see when I ordered a Northstar. I can’t recall if it was 2011 or 2012.

At this point though, regardless of where one intends to purchase, if someone has such as specific requirement, I would contact the seller first. Most sellers will let you know. Nobody wants an unhappy buyer. In my case, I could have cared less if Jensen’s name was on it, I wanted a Northstar. I’m also not giving mine up!

However, at this point, the odds of one new in the package are rare. Do ask any retailer if you can’t see the actual physical model you wish to get.

He says it’s not about trophies or fame, it’s about glory and respect. That we shouldn’t be doing these things for the trophies/fame. Then he proceeds to throw away a broken yoyo. Why didn’t he throw away his REAL trophies if he really felt this way?

I recall less than a week ago on CLYW ustream Jensen and someone else displayed Jensen’s 2010 trophy (I’m assuming it was the 2010, because they weren’t talking on the stream. They were giving away a puffin to the first person to guess the weight of the trophy… which they weren’t even paying attention to the participants guessing, but rather watching TV) So I know he still has trophies and retains his fame.

This “personal moment” should have been personal. He didn’t need to showcase to us, the minority of non-trophy holding, no fame having, yoyo enthusiasts… that he was brave enough to throw away sentiment and “withhold glory”. I’m just going to assume there was a lot of internal turmoil going on at the time of the video. Regardless, I shouldn’t analyze the situation, someone’s decisions, or their life. But, (and here’s the kicker–aka you hating me), the only message I am receptive of, from this video, is one of a confused person, attempting to look really cool, while BARELY injecting an unnecessary lesson/message to people who aren’t even on his level (emotionally AND competitively).


It’s just the fact that I want one from when it was still Jensen’s Signature throw, hence the name printed on the side, simple as that.

Bro Jensen publicly apologized for what he did, he said he was going through a tough time and completely left the yoyo scene for a while because of what happened. Get over it we all make mistakes and all get upset so just calm down

I agree. We seem to forget that people are people. They have flaws and issues. I think somehow we put Jensen Kimmitt on a too high a pedestal and when he fell off, we all went bonkers over it.

I’m glad he took a break. He needed time for himself. Now, he’s back. He’s back on his own terms and works for him. Good for him.

Don’t get me wrong guys, I love Jensen’s yoyo’ing and his videos.

I apologize, I know not of “what he did”. Anyway, we probably shouldn’t discuss it. My bad, I didn’t know something had happened.

Anyway, PM’d you Studio

Received and responded.

I think it’s good that YYF chooses to continue “signature models” that are successful even when the “name” player has moved on. YYJ has done the same thing with Hiroyuki Suzuki’s various signature throws as well.

I also get wanting to have one with someone’s name on it. At this point, it’s up to the luck of the draw on BST or retailers with older stock they want to unload.