Ft/S- signed northstar orange- and pink/purple y-Factor.. Almost mint both

At worlds this year I was lucky enough to get to meet jensen kimmitt my favorite yoyoer… And get his autograph on a orange nOrthstar. It has hardly been used but it does have some really small scuffs hardly noticeable . Nearly mint. Also I have a pink/purple y-factor one drop yoyo ft. This is definitely one of my top yoyos I have plus it has minor scuffs as well… Ill take 55 for the y- factor and for the northstar… Well I’m really not sure money wise just offer but really this a priceless yoyo to have in your collection. And I’m looking for a g5 or any yoyo from caribou lodge or anything that plays really good realy. DonT Be afraid to offer and sorry for now pics I don’t have a camera.

you need pics…


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I didn’t mean 55 for both together. Meant for the y factor and offer for the northstar

This will get moved if you dont post pictures. Just saying…

Sorry isaid I don’t have a camera. Where it gonnamove to?

http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/418lKF9NUXL.SX300.jpg        This is an orange northstar but with a Jensen signature on it