Just ordered a YYF Boss as my first all metal

Nothing else to really say - I’m excited and can’t wait to play with it. While I wait for the delivery, you guys can tell me how much I’m going to love it when it gets here!

This post has no point really. It just sorta takes up space.

don’t listen to this idiot^^^^^^^
Ik how it feels to wait for a new yoyo. The boss plays great! Fast, unresponsive, great irg’s. Just like an 888 without hubsstacks…whole lot of fun! Have fun and enjoy! What color did u get it in???
Keep throwin!!!

Lol? Its his opinion. You should respect that.

What!?! I just orderd a Hatrick as my first metal. Do you not think I feel anxious. But do I go around making random posts about it no! If you want to talk about it do it in chat. I’m not trying to insult you, i’m just saying there are better places to talk about it. You’d probably get more responce in chat too.

Simple post. I’m excited about my yoyo after agonizing over the decision for a couple of weeks of which one to get for my first metal. I actually thought this was a yoyo community and a forum where people talk about yoyo’s - likes/dislikes - how much you love the hobby, etc. If you feel it “takes up space” you are certainly not obligated to take the time to read it or post a reply, simply go to the next post. However, there might be OTHER people (I know that would be hard for your egocentric mind to understand) that are interested in sharing in my excitement. Here’s to taking up space :slight_smile:
Happy Throwing!

Don’t worry man, most of us are okay with stuff like this. Don’t let some people on the forum discourage you. :wink:

I was freaking excited when Mattsk8nike traded me his 888 for a CU… I know how it feels to get a new (used…) yoyo. It makes me wanna scream, I just want it now! lol

Gratz on your new throw!

I know how it feels when you order a new yoyo and you are so excited to get it (but have to wait.) I have no one to talk about Yoyos with so these kind of forums are my only outlet to talk about my hobby. Don’t worry about what haters say, feel free to tell us. :stuck_out_tongue:

Let’s straighten this out. If you don’t like someones post it’s better if you don’t say anything. His post is fine for yoyoexpert! Musicguy all you said is true. Yoyoexpert are a place where people who loves to play with a spinning toy can gather and discuss anything about yoyo’s. Someone will Always pop up hating on u but don’t let that change anything. Keep throwing and keep posting lol!

//JM Edit: Please refrain from using offensive language. Ye have be warned.

I love yet hate that moment when you know its coming in the mail and you keep on looking out every two minutes at the mailbox. Its agonzing and exciting all mixed together and then it finally arrives and you’re like :o!!! Greatest feeling

Totally Agree! I’m 16 and I go to school a few towns over, and when I get a box in the mail I still have my mom bring it in the car when she picks me up from school haha. Such a great feeling.

Stop quoting - and bolding - the stuff that is inappropriate please.

Sorry JM. Won’t happen again.

i was soooooooo happy when i got my boss.first sleep time was a good 5:30 something.good ginding,smooth on a good throw,very forgiving on a bad one,and has a big fat lip for good irg’s.youll love it.again,what color did you get?

I’m sorry if I was misunderstood (and i often am). I don’t mean to be one of those people coughcoughQcoughcough thats go’s around telling you to delete your posts because they’re pointless. I just think this is better fitted for the chat room.

No worries. I’m glad chat works for you, but I’m not interested in using that feature for a few reasons, so I might have a few pointless posts now and then because the forum works better for me.

If you find yourself often misunderstood, you might want to consider taking more time crafting your responses or thinking through your choice of words.

For those who asked about the color - I went with red. I’m really looking forward to it and thanks for commiserating with me about watching the mailbox for the delivery. I’ll let you all know what I think when it gets here.

Congratz dude!
I know how you fell, I just orderd a Hatrick two days ago and it should come today. If it doesn’t I have to wait another 3 days for it to come on monday. :frowning:
I just love the feeling of waiting for a new yoyo to come. Even when I dont order yoyos for some reason I always check the mailbox just in case. :smiley:

Well I understand why some don’t like to use chat. But anyways what I have learned is that if even if it has to do with yoyo’s but is sort of pointless it’s probably better in the unrelated discussion. The general yo forum is for learning about yoyos. Where as the unrelated discussion is more for fun stuff like this!

it will look very small when you first get it; But you will love it.