BLC 2010

Anyone have any info on this? Anything at all would be highly apreciated!
Also, let us know if your going or not, what your competing in, etc.

I’ll be competing in Adavnced 1a and 5a.

I’m going for sure. I guess I’ll be competing in sponsored 1a now. :-\

I’m about 75% on going. If I do go, its probably advanced 1A and maybe 5A.

Also, last time I talked to Yoshi he said the weekend after Worlds, but it wasn’t official

EDIT: I just did a search and anthony said it will be held on june 26th

I’m 90% going
I’ll be planning on competing in
sponsored 1a,2a,3a,4a,5a
but u may never know for sure

100% going :slight_smile: but not competing

You sure? That’s like 6 hours from here dude…

That’s at West Hollywood.

Yay it’s 6 days after my bday, somebody better bring me a present. :stuck_out_tongue:

I will compete in the Advanced 1a.

~James Reed!

wait… where is this at?

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West Holywood, California.

Yay! ;D

Probly goin, first contest! ;D

Advanced 1a and 5a

going 1a 4a name justis e

Last year was really fun. I think I might be going this year. Where is all the info, and how do you know what day it is on? Site? Thanks.


Really need info guys, any info you have at all is highly appreciated.

Haha, i can’t wait, i will be doing 4a and 5a. I need info too, if anyone know any, please post!

June 26

Do we sign up there?

Dont you always?

last year they sign up online on a website and uploaded their music too
idk about this year

website finally up!