My BAC Experience.

BAC 2010 write up.

Another BAC has come to an end, and like always, it was a great experience that all enjoyed.

I arrived to the contest around 9:30 and there were plenty of throwers already there.
Sales tables were already set up, many throwers practicing their freestyles, and some selling and trading going on also.

This contest was the first contest that I could actually register myself without the need to have a parent or guardian sign the registration and release. I also got to sign one of my friends release as their legal guardian which was pretty cool.

I was hanging out with Eric Ngu and he showed me some cool prototypes he was using for 3A. I must really not be used to throwing larger size metals for 3A, as on the first throw of an attempt at double trapeze, the two yoyos hit each other at top speed right into each other making a loud metallic crashing sound. Sorry about that Eric!

The sport ladder started and was followed by the novice division freestyles.
I really enjoyed watching these. Those players are the future of yoyoing, just watching them, you can tell that many of them could be the next Yuuki, Jensen, or Mickey. I was very happy with my friend Alda going up on stage for the novice freestyle. I can tell she is going to be a top 1A player one day. The kid who placed 2nd in Novice really impressed me. Nice fast and cool style, sure to place well in normal 1A also.

1A prelims started and there were some great freestyles I thought stood out.
Jamie Kennedy. Really cool style, almost made it to finals.
Sean Clark, He wasn’t even expecting to make it to finals, he came up to us after they announced who was in finals and was in shock and wasn’t sure what to do for his freestyle.
Leo Qin, His pnwr freestyle was amazing, his prelim for this BAC was as well. That guy has SPEED.

I went to go check out the yoyo sales tables. Really nice stuff there. YYF had their new loop 900s and 2010 severe. YYJ had the new trinity. Crucial had some cool stuff there, Duncan, Rec Rev. Happy to see some new vendors there. Vs Newton, and Yomerica. Very cool.

Finals for 2A were awesome. Jacob Jensen! 3 tricks but epic ones for sure.
Joseph Harris and Pat Mitchell are pretty much the most epic 2A players in the US. I just love watching their freestyles.

3A was awesome. Masanobu had a great freestyle and it was cool to talk to him before he went on stage. my 3A didn’t go so well, but I was happy that I was able to do my last trick before the song ended.

4A was awesome. Zach Rubino is such a rising 4A player. He just keeps getting better and its only a matter of time before he is one of the top 4A players of the world. Eric Gnu, Tyler Hseih, Tom Wu. All 3 of them are gonna go far in 4A. All 3 of them have amazing skill and really good tricks. I had a surprisingly decent 4A freestyle, best I have ever done. And as always, Bryan Figuroa just amazed everyone with his fast and flashy style.

5A was the style everyone was excited about.
Everyone crowded around the front of the stage to watch Jon Robs freestyle which ended up being the freestyle everyone remembered that day. I was surprised by Elliot Jackson’s 5A. Really flowy and completely original. Very cool.

1A finals were amazing. Yuuki, Jensen, Mateusz, just incredible.
The style and speed on stage was just amazing to watch and everyone was guessing who would take the 1A 1st place title.

For all that were there, they were treated to an awesome show from Chris Garcia.
Chris did a short show of contact juggling, ball juggling, club juggling, and diabolo.
That guy is insanely talented. He got a duncan hayabusa and tried 4A for the first time. With his diabolo experience he landed 3 reps of behind the back orbits. And for never doing 4A before, thats just crazy.

I went over to the rec rev table and bought a b grade No.9 for a friend. After trying it I wanted one also so I bought another. Considered buying another but that would seem weird going to a table 3 different times to buy the same yoyo over and over again. The no.9 is a really nice yoyo, definitely a throw everyone should try.

Results were announced for 2A, 3A, 4A, 5A and 1A. I was surprised when they announced me as 3rd in 4A. I wasn’t even prepared to go on stage to get the medal as I was just hanging out and talking to people. I was so happy that the medal fit over my head. I felt so weird at nationals when the medal would not fit over my head in 5A so I just stood there as the only one medal-less.
In the end, the winners were a pretty awesome group of throwers.

1A: Jensen Kimmit
2A: Patrick Mitchell
3A: Masanobu Iwata
4A: Bryan Figuroa
5A: Tyler Severance.


I went to go film some different yoyoers and I noticed a large group of people with astrojax.
I am a pretty avid astrojax player so I got quite excited when I saw so many people playing them. Larry Shaw (creator of astrojax) had showed up and was letting tons of people try them out. You guys might not know this, but both Juan Renteria and Anthony Rojas are pretty serious astrojax players. Both of them got some really crazy tricks.

This contest could be summed up in one word. EPIC.
The level of competition was amazing, the new products that were there were really nice, hung out with tons of awesome people, and got some awesome yoyos! I came home with a new No. 9, skywalker, and an RD-1!

Many thanks to all who made the contest possible, it was an event enjoyed by all.

If you missed this contest, try to get to BAC 2011! Its something you cant miss!



Was Larry the guy with the hat and glasses you were talking to when I came by to do a couple astrojax tricks? I had no idea he came. If it was him, I thought it was just some random dude, lol. I should’ve formally introduced myself…
Glad you liked the no. 9 btw.

Thank you so much Josh, you are one of the people in the yo-yo community who’s opinion I have a ton of respect for. It’s pretty cool to have someone remember me for something other than the ridiculous clothes I wear.

I had one of the best days of my life, I got to make some new friends (What up to Ibe, Gentry, and Aman) and chill with some people I had met before (Sup Joe, Jensen, JonRob, everybody from the Spindox crew). I also got to watch a couple people try to hit on my fiance which is always kind of funny to me (she was the tiny girl with the blue hair) I threw a freestyle I was very happy with, and I got asked to join team Yomerica (watch out).

It was amazing seeing such a high level of competition in person, I didn’t catch all the freestyles but JonRob, Gacek, Tyler, Jensen, Yukki, and Paul Han all had amazing freestyles. It was amazing seeing Yukki throw those regens from 10 feet away. But the overall best part of my day was standing next to JonRob during Boxy’s freestyle “He’s a choke artist!!! Where’s my Money ??? Get Out Your Wallet!!!”

Maybe I’ll have to go next year with you…

Would you take me Josh? :3 <3

this thing make me sooooo jealous.
the scale, the competition, the player, the vendor table full of yoyos, the celebrity player…

i hope someday a contest of such scale would happen in my country.

great post josh, i almost can feel that i am there a BAC.

BAC was one of the happiest moments in my life.

I met Josh too. He’s tall.

wow i wish i could of went. Did you take video at this contest?


Don’t want to sound like M2… but you REALLY didn’t need to quote his original post… especially since it was freaking huge and now is just taking up tons of my screen for your 2 lines of response.

I had such a great time there too! Said hi to you there if you remembered. :wink: ;D :slight_smile:

What Josh, no mention of my AWESOME LADDER 2ND PLACE??!! I think I did good! Whens the video comin?