BAC 2015

I plan on going to the BAC next weekend to watch and have fun since I’m only about 2 1/2 hours away. I was just wondering who on here is going, and if anyone would like to share their experiences and have any tips or recommend on what to bring. This will be my first time going, so any information would be awesome. Thank you

This is my first time going too, some people consider it a better contest than nationals considering people from all around the world can compete if they want. If you’re competing, just bring lots of string and a few backup yoyos. If you’re just going to hang out, bring any yoyos you might consider trading. See you there!

I’m just going to hang out, and have fun. And that is kinda crazy how many people come from all over the world. Definitely looking forward to it. Will they have booths or something from different yoyo companies?

I am going. I have an Audley Equilibrium (Danged a little) to trade and I can’t wait to go.

I’m going again for my 5th time now. First one I checked out was when they held it at Washington Square Park under the “Triple Crown” name. On my last visit, I randomly ran into Paul Dang as he was practicing his routine next to where I was hanging out and throwing for fun.

I didn’t see much of it last year but years prior some of the vendors there had B-grades up for sale that played just as well as an A-grade. YYE had some cool specials as well including a buy one get one free on certain throws…picked up a pair of YYF Loop 1080s.

I’d say, bring some of your favorite throws, bring some money, bring a backpack (as you’re going to need it to store things) and have fun! I’ll be bringing a variety of throws including some fixed axle, loopers, and some of my favorite 1A throws…as well as bringing a few kendamas to mess around with.

Do also bring a jacket, it’s been a bit windy the past few times I’ve gone and we’ve had some good breezes in the bay this past week and the weather really hasn’t felt like typical May weather. It can also get a little dusty.

For those who haven’t gone and want to make a day of the event: there are some small food venues behind the stage. About a mile away there’s a McDonalds just outside of Golden Gate Park.

I’ll be doing the public transit route as I don’t think I’d have the patience to drive in the city. I’ll be taking BART from the east bay, get off at the Civic Center station and then take the #5 Muni up to GG park and then walk the rest of the way in.

Lastly but not least, don’t be shy to say hi to me, I’ll be most likely be wearing a YoyoExpert shirt and a brown “Gold Striker” hoodie (One of my favorite roller coasters), as well as a disney backpack.

Looking forward to this weekend, and the fact that it’s a 3-day weekend!

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I hear CLYW is gonna have a batch of B grades there this year. Sadly I’m not going though its pretty far for me

If you were along the way, I would mind picking you up. I’m heading there from Sacramento… Can’t wait for the weekend.

Thanks for the offer but its not gonna work out for me to go. Mabey next year.

Always next year. Even the year after that I’m sure.

Hmm, that sounds cool, wouldn’t mind getting my first CLYW, just haven’t been able to justify the higher costs yet, had a hard enough time justifying the cost of my Y-Factor, which is probably the most I’ve spent on a yoyo to this day…and thought that my Benchmark was expensive.

CLYW will have B grades there for only $75 and most of the time B grades play like A grades

Just a few more days till the BAC. Really looking forward to meeting people, hanging out, and soaking in as much information as possible.

When is the BAC?

Saturday, May 23rd.

Definitely come say hello to me and Eric at the YoYoExpert booth! :slight_smile:


Around times like this, I wish I had been into yoyoing when I lived in Cali.

Cal States, BAC, and PNWR seem like loads of fun.

Cali is pretty nice. It’s crazy, because I picked up yo-yoing around the time the cal states was going on. I didn’t go, but somehow I felt its power from over 45 miles away. Pick up a yoyo… Pick up a yoyo… So I did. And now I’m having fun and going to hang out and watch at the BAC.

Aaaawwww Yesssss. Can… Can we get a picture with you? ???

I’ll definitely be swinging by your booth to say hi (and naturally picking up more gear!)

Less than a day away for the BAC. I’m pretty stoked.