BAC 2012

The 15th Annual Bay Area Classic will be held on May 26, 2012 at The Bandshell in Golden Gate Park, SF, CA with all 5 divisions of Freestyle 1A, 2A, 3A, 4A and 5A

Stay tuned to our official website for more event details, schedules and sponsors

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I definitely want to visit again this year, was a fun thing to come and watch last year (and stock up on some yoyo goods)! Now to figure out my method of getting there…could either use my bike again or use public transportation to get to the park.

Can’t wait! I’m glad that Triple Crown of YoYo isn’t doing it anymore, it was so bad because I had to miss school, and they like changed everything. I’m glad that it’s back to normal, and in the same location. My third BAC!

BAC 2012 website is up!

Find all the contest info here…


See you all there! I’m doing sound for it. I’m so looking forward to a road trip!

I just registered for BAC. You can register online now, and give them your music via MP3.

For all BAC freestyle divisions competitors must register online, registration will not be available at the contest, registration ends on May 23rd, 2012. Once registered to compete, music must be uploaded via our music upload interface. Music CD’s will not be accepted, the only way to submit music is online, in MP3 format.

BAC 2012!

YoYoStringLab is proud to announce we are sponsoring BAC! (It wasn’t too many years ago I remember entering trick ladder there for the first time.) We will have lots of string of course and you can try out the different types for free. We should have some other good stuff too. I can’t wait!

Have you registered for the BAC yet?

25 days left!



Just registered. Will probably be taking the trek from SoCal this year :slight_smile:

Quick question: What’s the minimum rank to get into finals?

Glad you’re gonna make it!

We won’t know the exact number that get into finals until we know the number of people entering.


14 days left to register for the BAC!

Registration is ON LINE ONLY! register here:

Check your registration and music upload status here:

Free Bump.

To save time, I am having to scale down to a smaller console, but I will not sacrifice sound quality. So, I’ll be at stage right(audience left). If I don’t answer you right away, please be kind, I am having to deal with a lot of stuff. I may have one or two of my trusted assistants help with letting my stuff be shared. Be nice to them, as they are critical to making this event happen. One is a member here, theroybit, and the other is another friend we are getting into the whole yoyo thing.

Are you registered?

7 days left to register for the BAC!

Registration is ON LINE ONLY! register here:

Check your registration and music upload status here:

Bump! Time is running out!

Please register ASAP and also upload your music as soon as possible!!

Sorry but I’m confused, is triple crown and bac the same thing? Anyways I’m going to be there.

I’m not sure if BAC is still part of the Triple Crown. I know it was part of it. I’m just not sure if that’s still true though.

See you there!

BAC is NOT part of the Triple Crown this year. That was a one time thing. It is back to being a regional for the NYYL.


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So, compared to last year’s event, can I expect this one to be different, as in probably a larger event, more yoyoers, and more vendors? I’m looking forward to this Saturday, going to be a fun bike ride up to the park. I’m traveling from the East Bay, taking BART over then taking the bike up the rest of the way.